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any of several human or animal diseases characterized by dark urine resulting from rapid breakdown of red blood cells

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After a walk of more than half a mile, I should think, among the firs, the path took a sharp turn--the trees abruptly ceased to appear on either side of me, and I found myself standing suddenly on the margin of a vast open space, and looking down at the Blackwater lake from which the house takes its name.
Catherick's visit to Blackwater Park, and that event might lead in its turn, to something more.
If that was the case, why should she be anxious to have her visit at Blackwater Park kept a secret from him?
I wish my first day at Blackwater Park had not been associated with death, though it is only the death of a stray animal.
Phoenix and GlobalPort have identical 4-5 slates for a share of seventh and eighth places while Blackwater is tied with TNT KaTropa and Meralco at ninth with similar 4-6 records.
Just like last time, Maliksi hopes that Blackwater learned its lesson following another tight loss as it seeks to finally end its misery against San Miguel next Friday.
Blackwater was playing back-to-back games so we played up-tempo all game long.
BMA Asset President Rag Udd said Blackwater Mine has played an integral role in the growth and strength of BMA and BHP for generations, and to reach the 50 year milestone is a remarkable achievement.
The US Court of Appeals in the DC circuit threw out the murder conviction of former Blackwater guard Nicholas Slatten on Friday and ordered three of his former colleagues to be re-sentenced in the high-profile prosecution.
Prince - a frequent guest on the radio show of Breitbart, the alt-right site formerly run by President Donald Trump's chief strategist Stephen Bannon - started Blackwater in 1997 out of anger regarding the 1994 (http://endgenocide.
Mohammad-Reza Naqdi, the commander of the Basij forces, told a gathering in Sari last week, "The United States has hired the Takfiri groups and the Blackwater thugs to fight against Muslims in Yemen and Syria in proxy wars.
This year alone Blackwater has already played for two teams.
So, are Blackwater (renamed Academi in 2011) really in Yemen?
The Times, citing an internal State Department memorandum, said the threat came just weeks before Blackwater guards shot and killed 17 civilians on September 16, 2007 in Baghdad's Nisour Square, AFP reported.
In the book, Scahill contends that Blackwater exists as a mercenary force, and argues that Blackwater's rise is a consequence of the demobilisation of the US military following the Cold War and its overextension in Iraq and Afghanistan.