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Synonyms for blacktopping

a black bituminous material used for paving roads or other areas

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But blacktopping of five-kilometer road from Tendruk to Phita Tar remained unsatisfactory, according to the Gup.
Among major hurdles obstructing work at the airport, dreadful weather is one, and the supervising engineer at the airport Kailash Chhetri has revealed that runway blacktopping job calls for a minimum temperature of seven degree Celsius.
Residents of the area distributed sweets on the occasion when blacktopping work started on road.
When asked the contractor and officers concerned they argued actually the blacktopping materials were used during winter season while it\'s required to be used during summer season.
KABUL (PAN): The World Bank (WB) on Tuesday pledged $82 million in aid to Afghanistan through a UN agency which will be spent on blacktopping and reconstructing roads in the country's rural areas.
After October, we can't do any work here, especially blacktopping.