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Synonyms for blacktopping

a black bituminous material used for paving roads or other areas

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As a result, if one goes around the outskirts of the cities or even in the streets inside a city these days, he or she can see roads being dug for laying sewerage pipes or maintain them and piles of concrete pieces at the road side for blacktopping of the road.
Meanwhile, the PhuentsholingThromde has opted to work with Green Road after assessing the latter's activities and capacities in blacktopping roads in the country.
Residents of the area distributed sweets on the occasion when blacktopping work started on road.
When asked the contractor and officers concerned they argued actually the blacktopping materials were used during winter season while it\'s required to be used during summer season.
KABUL (PAN): The World Bank (WB) on Tuesday pledged $82 million in aid to Afghanistan through a UN agency which will be spent on blacktopping and reconstructing roads in the country's rural areas.
"After October, we can't do any work here, especially blacktopping. Without blacktopping, the layers at the bottom get very dusty so we haven't laid these layers yet.
All works, includingroads, blacktoppingworks and bridges, on the150-kilometre Haa - Samtsesecondary national highwayare expected to be completeby June next year.The Chief Engineer fromthe Department of Roads(DoR) of Thimphu division, Chador Gyeltshen, said the road they are only left withthe blacktopping worksnow, adding that the workshave been awarded to fivedifferent contractors.'We expect them tocomplete the work on timeand it has been delayed dueto weather conditions atdifferent places,' he added.Meanwhile, the highway starts from Jyenkana in Samar Gewog in Haa and passes through the Tegolapeak and then to Khamenaand SangbeykhaDungkhag.
He said a feasibility plan had been made for the road's reconstruction and blacktopping.