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Synonyms for blackthorn

a thorny Eurasian bush with plumlike fruits

erect and almost thornless American hawthorn with somewhat pear-shaped berries

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Sue Mitchell said she first became aware of rats in her garden in Blackthorn Road about three weeks ago, and claimed one family are now living there.
Game hunters are offered a package with Blackthorn where they are charged up to PS13,000 for a five-day lion hunt.
With Berns joining BlackThorn's board, Mark Corrigan, former chairman, will now be the lead independent director.
last occupied by Cannon's Blackthorn, a restaurant and bar that closed in March.
They are working together with the Animal and Plant Health Agency, Defra, the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Government to run the exercise, called Exercise Blackthorn.
Thieves smashed their way into the garage at a house in Blackthorn Drive and stole a carbon-fibre road bike, a helmet and biking leathers.
Mark of the Plague: A Blackthorn Key Adventure, Book 2.
UNSURPRISINGLY, Enda Bolger has cross-country races in mind for Blackthorn Prince after the JP McManusowned six-year-old landed the 3m handicap hurdle by three-quarters of a length under Mark Walsh.
Tickets are PS17 to PS21 from 01422 351158 or BLACKTHORN - WEST YORKSHIRE PLAYHOUSE, 7.30PM Blackthorn, a new drama at the West Yorkshire Playhouse IT'S also the last night for Blackthorn, a new play by Yorkshire writer Charley Miles and closing at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.
The AHA had represented a local tattoo artist, Dessa Blackthorn, who wished to add a "Happy Solstice" display to the Baxter County Courthouse's Christian Nativity scene.
"Tell no one what I've given you." Until he gets that cryptic warning, 14-year-old Christopher Rowe is happy, learning how to solve complex codes and creating powerful medicines and potions as apprentice to Master Blackthorn in 1665, London.
London 1665 is a dangerous time to be the apprentice of Benedict Blackthorn. A wave of mysterious murders has sent shockwaves through London, and soon Christopher finds himself on the run.
BLACKTHORN (Tuesday BBC1, 11.45pm) TWENTY years after he vanished off the face of the Earth, Butch Cassidy (Sam Shepard) has reinvented himself as James Blackthorn in a secluded Bolivian village.
Kevin Sands' The Blackthorn Key (9781481446518, $17.99) tells of Christopher Rowe, a happy boy who loves to solve codes and puzzles and who is an herbal apprentice working with Master Benedict Blackthorn, a notable apothecary.