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Synonyms for blackthorn

a thorny Eurasian bush with plumlike fruits

erect and almost thornless American hawthorn with somewhat pear-shaped berries

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Trainer William Amos could offer no explanation for that poor form, but Prince Blackthorn was then off the track for six months, suggesting something was amiss.
Blackthorn s directors (other than Glencore candidate Peter Kalkandis who is not voting) unanimously say the deal is in the company s best interest, but still the transaction is subject to confirmation from an independent expert that the deal is fair and reasonable.
While the film is full of silences, and it takes a while for things to get going, Blackthorn is never a bore, with the camera drinking in some stunning landscapes and Noriega being an amusingly irascible companion.
The relaunch had been well received in south west England where Blackthorn enjoys "a strong heritage and loyal consumer base".
Organisers of the Blackthorn British Skittles Championship are gearing up for the clash of the titans as teams from skittles hotbeds of Dorset and Gloucestershire will go head to head with South Wales' finest.
Developed by Blackthorn, Marine Gate is a tasteful conversion of a Grade II-listed building into luxury apartments.
Grace Kane, ten, performed 'Sleeping Beauty' with her friends in her garden in Blackthorn Close, Redcar, attracting about 40 spectators.
Despite having had four previous runs, Alice Blackthorn still showed signs of inexperience at Pontefract, but it didn't stop her from opening her account.
Blackthorn cider are set to agree a three-year renewal of their sponsorship contract with Bath, worth up to pounds 3 million.
30 Kempton There's a good chance Blackthorn Stick's recent outing at Kempton was a sharpener given he was uncharacteristically sent off in front on his first start since March and, if that's the case, he's an interesting proposition with Queally riding for the first time since he scored at Wolverhampton in January.
Albright had some big-shot Coal Board managers coming up to Blackthorn from London this morning, asked Gwyn to sit in with them.
Blackthorn Resources has inked a $10 million deal with Glencore Xstrata to sell its outstanding 27.
In round one of the Dobfar Cup, Alnmouth Argyle recorded a 3-1 triumph at Blackthorn Rovers thanks to Mickey Hall, Chris Chisholm and Kieran Hogg, Blackthorn's consolation netted by Mark Collins.
Meetings with the public also led to concerns raised over antisocial behaviour and underage drinking by groups of youths around Fernlea Flats and antisocial behaviour in the Copres Avenue and Blackthorn Drive area.
The Gaymer Cider Company has overhauled its Blackthorn cider brand slashing its alcohol content, giving it a sweeter taste and revamping its packaging--in a bid to bring it more into line with modern tastes.