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Quoting from the 2008 Oregon blacktail deer management plan: "Changes in habitat availability and quality have contributed to declining populations since the early 1980s.
On the old logging roads was a blacktail deer, and flying overhead were bald eagles, crows, and other birds.
In the north end of Yellowstone, the Blacktail Deer Plateau stretches before the eyes as a wilderness of rolling prairie land, dotted by small stands of trees.
Black bear, blacktail deer, song birds, and a variety of other species also inhabit the property.
If you plan to bowhunt elk, mule deer, blacktail deer, caribou, or other species not found in the East, you should practice hard and extend your longer-distance archery accuracy.
However, do-it-yourself hunting is legal for black bears, caribou, moose and Sitka blacktail deer.
Many of California's most important wildlife species, including mountain lions, mule and blacktail deer, songbirds, salmon, and steelhead, just to name a few, depend on rangelands and associated riparian areas for their primary habitat.
Taking a couple of Sitka Blacktail deer when circumstances permit a visit to Kodiak Island is just as satisfying.
Recent studies there have shown that blacktail deer depend upon old-growth for shelter against heavy snow.
Players hunt their favorite game animals including the Whitetail, Columbian Blacktail deer, the Desert Mule, Sitka Deer and the Rocky Mountain Mule in their natural environments, from Texas, Washington and Alaska, to Missouri, Idaho and Michigan.
For me, the inherent dangers found on Kodiak arc part of the attraction of this malevolent temptress, but another seductive attribute she possesses is the Sitka blacktail deer that roam there.
Irwin also is especially fond of his many encounters with shy blacktail deer, and of one experience in Alaska when he sat down along the Russian River after a full day of following signs of bear without any luck.
The area's breathtaking blend of forested hills, farmland woodlots and livestock ranches with spacious hay fields make this game-rich region a haven not only for turkeys but also for Roosevelt elk, blacktail deer, Columbia whitetail deer, cougars and black bears.
I was happy with them and spent countless hours glassing across canyons and flats looking for blacktail deer, black bear and other wildlife.
Hunt four species including Whitetail Deer, Blacktail Deer, Mule Deer