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When hunting turkeys and blacktail deer, I use my mountain bike and one-wheeled cart to haul my blinds, treestands, camera equipment, hunting gear, and clothing to my hunt area.
Individuals willing to do research and scouting can find some very good DIY hunting in Oregon for less-common species, such as Roosevelt elk and blacktail deer.
And during all that time, some of the best moments I've had have been bowhunting Sitka blacktail deer and writing for Bowhunter Magazine.
I have found that the blacktail deer will feed in the newly logged units in the blanket of darkness, travel into the stand of mature timber in the early gray of daybreak and bed in the thick undergrowth during daylight hours.
Mazama Fishing: A late blacktail deer seminar is from 6:30 p.m.
For example, imagine that I've got an upcoming spring bear hunt followed by fall hunts for blacktail deer, mule deer, elk, and mountain goat.
In 1994, he published a nonfiction book, "Blacktail Deer Hunting Adventures," about his expertise at "still hunting" in the Oregon woods.
I would like to see more articles on Cones deer, mule deer or even blacktail deer. I'm not asking you to stop writing about whitetails; I'm just asking for a little more variety.
Hunting in the Golden State was pretty good back then, and my dad and I had to drive less than 20 miles to find fat, large-racked blacktail deer. But I always dreamed about shooting a buck with my bow, on property I actually owned.
There will be opportunities to see and purchase boats and also seminars on a variety of outdoor topics will be held, including lectures by local guide Scott Haugen on bow-hunting for elk and hunting blacktail deer.
Columbia blacktail deer inhabit the Coast Range and western slope of the northern Cascades.
Take me for example: Last August in Alaska, the weather coupled with poor planning conspired to keep me not only out of range of a Sitka blacktail deer, but off of the islands I most needed to hunt.
Many other October hunts--for rutting caribou in Newfoundland, bighorn sheep in Idaho, blacktail deer on Kodiak Island, and other species across North America--have transported me a long way from the days 65 years ago when I ran to the driveway to peer into my dad's truck.
Speaking of blacktail, successful hunters of that deer species are now required to turn in a tooth from any blacktail deer taken.
MUCH LIKE THE Coues' whitetail deer of the southwestern US and Mexico, the Columbia blacktail deer has a very regional fan base.