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Caption: LEFT: Free-range blacktail deer call the 780-acre vineyard home, bedding between rows.
Quoting from the 2008 Oregon blacktail deer management plan: "Changes in habitat availability and quality have contributed to declining populations since the early 1980s.
Any archery hunter would be thrilled to have taken the world record Columbian Blacktail deer and George displays a quiet pride in his accomplishment; but his record doesn't stop there.
When hunting turkeys and blacktail deer, I use my mountain bike and one-wheeled cart to haul my blinds, treestands, camera equipment, hunting gear, and clothing to my hunt area.
and there is plenty of public land in all four states that host blacktail deer.
True or False: Mature Sitka and Columbian blacktail deer bucks always wear brow-tines.
It was August 1984, and I was on my first bowhunt for Sitka blacktail deer.
The Columbia blacktail deer was traditionally thought to be a subspecies of mule deer, but some research indicated the opposite, that mule deer are a subspecies of blacktails and whitetails breeding.
True or False: Columbia blacktail deer are derived from a naturally occurring cross between a whitetail and mule deer.
Blacktail deer rifle tags are available OTC and can make for a great hunt in western and coastal Oregon if you either gain access to private land or search out a chunk of public land.
The blacktail deer harvest in 2010, the last season for which harvest figures are available, was a record-low 20,286.
I'm working on breaking Jim Schaafsma's five-year, 100-percent success rate on blacktail deer.
To be honest, after hearing the calls, I thought that we stood a better chance of calling in one of the island's giant black bears than a Sitka blacktail deer.
62 percent and Columbia blacktail deer fell by nearly 5 percent.