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Like clockwork, elk would appear each evening and eat the apples--bulls, cows, calves, and even a few blacktail deer would consume all the fruit in a matter of hours before heading out into the hayfield to feed in the dark.
Successful blacktail hunters this year are being asked to return one of the front incisor teeth from their animal to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.
I'm working on breaking Jim Schaafsma's five-year, 100-percent success rate on blacktail deer.
I estimated his 4x4 antlers would measure 140 Pope and Young-style inches--a monster blacktail.
While Ned sat the waterhole, I was back at the fallen tree lib hunting for a blacktail buck.
Meanwhile, ODFW biologists are requesting all successful blacktail hunters turn in teeth from animals they harvest.
To my knowledge no vendor anywhere sells blacktail scents, so I went with the blacktail's genetic cousin, the mule deer, and set a few wicks of estrous muley scent around my area.
Blacktail hunters in Oregon, bear hunters in Idaho, elk hunters in Wyoming, whitetail hunters across North America--they rely far less on scouting, observation, intuition, and sign these days to assess game numbers or size.
Blacktail are among the most popular game animals in Oregon.
However, if you are looking fur a new challenge such as blacktail deer, you may want to start your search with Cameron Hanes new book, Bowhunting Trophy Blacktail.
Mule deer, blacktail deer and whitetails drop their antlers between January and March.
Take me for example: Last August in Alaska, the weather coupled with poor planning conspired to keep me not only out of range of a Sitka blacktail deer, but off of the islands I most needed to hunt.
Deer dentistry: To comply with a newly-adopted Oregon Black-tailed Deer Management Plan, deer hunters will be required to provide teeth from each blacktail harvested.
Blacktail are to a mule deer what coues are to an eastern whitetail.
We could only hope that our leap of faith would somehow put us within bow range of a Sitka blacktail buck.