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Synonyms for blacksnake

large harmless shiny black North American snake

blackish racer of the eastern United States that grows to six feet

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"Says 'Blacksnake': We set to arms, gathering heads down
The initial six 'tribes' included: Iguana (Dull), Kangaroo (Murriira), Opossum (Mute), Emu (Dinoun), Bandicoot (Bilba), Blacksnake (Nurai).
Standings after three regattas: 1 Ichi Ban M.Allen CYCA 17 2 Sputnik I.Wheen RSYS 27 3 Cydon L.Christianakis RPAYC 28 4 Rushcutter D.Telford CYCA 31 5 Kokomo L.Walker CYCA 32 6 White Cloud B.Neill RNZYS 44 7 Blacksnake M.Milne RSYS 50 8 Revolution Edake J.Carter RPAYC 60
Rather, it is derived from the careful, insightful looking at the world, by which Oliver means "not just standing around, but standing around/as though with your arms open." What follows then are poems describing her itinerate musings, including most notably "Have You Seen Blacksnake Swimming?," "Look and See," "This World," "Mindful," and "Spring at Blackwater: I Go Through the Lessons," and from her walking, her listening, her examination of the fecund record of the earth, love is spawned:</p>
I had one wasp nest in a block's core hole and a blacksnake loved shedding in the sticky cucumber plants.
All the animals were there, including Raven, Screech Owl, Hooting Owl, Homed Owl, Racersnake, Blacksnake, and Water Spider.
After the misfired "Sweet Suzy" (aka "Blacksnake"), Meyer returned to independent production with three ever-more-outrageous and semicampy pictures: "Supervixens," "Up" and "Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens."
Every driver also carried his own "blacksnake." This was a braided 16-ft.-long leather whip with a "popper" on its end.
There are two species of snakes (Elaphe obsoleta, the pilot blacksnake, and Lampropeltis calligaster, the prairie kingsnake) not now known from South Dakota that may yet be discovered in the state.
The overseer's standin' just outside with a big blacksnake whip and a pepperbox pistol in his belt.
Abler, ed., Chainbreaker: The Revolutionary War Memoirs of Governor Blacksnake as told to Benjamin Williams (Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 1989) 11; cited by Walsh 51.
A memoir contemporary to Black Hawk's is that of Governor Blacksnake (Seneca), recorded in Seneca-style English by Benjamin Williams and recently edited by Thomas Abler under the title Chainbreaker (1989).
In "Have You Seen Blacksnake Swimming?" Oliver etches a body "just beneath the surface,/quick and gleaming." The snake swims as if "scrolling," making "a lacy wake." True to Emerson and Dickinson, Oliver detects in the snake's mouth "even more/than his usual gentleman's smile." Drake also portrays animals close up, and the short poem, entitled "Lengthy," seems flat-out proverbial lore: Of course the kind of snake you see in Kansas is more or less the same you see anywhere.
Michael Milne's Blacksnake took the gun in race seven and Ray Roberts' Quantum Racing won the final race.