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Synonyms for blacksnake

large harmless shiny black North American snake

blackish racer of the eastern United States that grows to six feet

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The initial six 'tribes' included: Iguana (Dull), Kangaroo (Murriira), Opossum (Mute), Emu (Dinoun), Bandicoot (Bilba), Blacksnake (Nurai).
For character allegations, see William Leete Stone, The Life and Times of Sa-GoYe-Wat-Ha, or Red-Jacket (New York: Wiley and Putnam, 1841), 20-22, 161, 355; also Governor Blacksnake, Chainbreaker: The Revolutionary War Memoirs of Governor Blacksnake as Told to Benjamin Williams, ed.
What follows then are poems describing her itinerate musings, including most notably "Have You Seen Blacksnake Swimming?
I had one wasp nest in a block's core hole and a blacksnake loved shedding in the sticky cucumber plants.
All the animals were there, including Raven, Screech Owl, Hooting Owl, Homed Owl, Racersnake, Blacksnake, and Water Spider.
8) The novel describes such "rape shows" as a favored pastime in the county: "Well Lightning Rod has made money all his life by white boys getting him out in the woods, or behind lumber piles, and paying him to show 'em his long blacksnake.
There are two species of snakes (Elaphe obsoleta, the pilot blacksnake, and Lampropeltis calligaster, the prairie kingsnake) not now known from South Dakota that may yet be discovered in the state.
The overseer's standin' just outside with a big blacksnake whip and a pepperbox pistol in his belt.