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a smith who forges and shapes iron with a hammer and anvil

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The inspection also targeted various violations - sale and repair of car spare parts, scrap metal scrap, smelting, blacksmithing, welding.
For the workshop season Artist Fellows in blacksmithing, fibers, fine metals, photography, woodworking, and special topics join the Ceramics Department Head to manage the studios.
This profusely illustrated instructional guide introduces the traditional blacksmithing techniques from a modern perspective.
Preston Park museum in Eaglescliffe has come up with day-long sessions in skills ranging from blacksmithing and wood carving to quilting and even making a proggy rag rug.
Visitors were treated to a number of attractions including birds of prey demonstrations, green wood-working, blacksmithing and chainsaw carving.
The course will give people a chance to learn the basics of blacksmithing.
Nancy Jane Grimes Smith: My dad caught the blacksmithing bug when we watched Robert Mark Smith in Hershey Park in the 1970s.
Some of the skills were once commonplace, such as blacksmithing, mending, tinkering, and wheel building.
Deliberate anachronisms, such as the computer-type machine made by Hephaestus, 'God of blacksmithing, metal, fire, volcanoes and everything awesome' (as the glossary explains), merge the ancient and modern to good effect as the immortal gods' powers endure.
I've got a background in fine art, sculpture and blacksmithing, so it wasn't a total leap in the dark.
It is interesting to note that blacksmithing and iron are common themes in the Kurdish and Turkish versions of the Nevruz legends, as according to the Ergenekon epic, the first Turks were able to leave their hidden valley by melting down the huge iron mass blocking their way out.
Aided by a magical metal box of cures, Demon does his best - by trial and error he learns how to tame the beasts (and how to milk unicorns) - and forms a friendship with Hephaestus, the god of blacksmithing.
MacDonald nor his ancestors were in Worcester before 1895, just a little more than a hundred years before, when blacksmithing was vital to a horse-driven world, smiths had their say in the war for independence.
The museum contains many aspects of Palestinian history, including a focus on the city of Jerusalem, Palestine's landscape, significant landmarks, and depictions of common professions and commodities, including blacksmithing, soap making, olive oil and milk.