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Synonyms for blackmail

Synonyms for blackmail

extortion of money by threats to divulge discrediting information

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exert pressure on someone through threats

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ALSO READ: * 85% of Saudi blackmail victims are under 30 years * Air hostess jailed for Instagram blackmail * TV producer jailed over porn movie threat and blackmail
Colonel Ebrahim Mussabah Al Ajel, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department at Sharjah Police, said: "We handle cases of blackmail with complete confidentiality, and urge anyone who was extorted for money to contact the police.
Residents can report cases of cyber blackmail to Sharjah Police on 06 5943228 or by email at tech_crimes@shjpolice.
PSNI cyber crime officers are dealing with new webcam blackmail cases "every week".
A spokesman for Get Safe Online said there is no guarantee once the blackmail demand is met there will not be further demands, or that the criminal will not post the video anyway.
At the original court hearing at Stafford Crown Court, Graham Henson, prosecuting, said the allegations of sexual abuse were properly investigated by the police and the blackmail victim was not facing any charges.
First, the prohibition on blackmail illustrates a more universal type of norm governance.
Part I advances the positive claim that blackmail affects the enforcement and content of group norms.
Finally, throughout this Article I employ the following short-hand: "B" is the person who hers acquired the information useful for blackmail, sometimes a blackmailer; "V" is the victim, usually the person to whom the information pertains; "TP" is the third party (or parties) potentially interested in the information who does not have it, often the recipient of the information should B decide to disclose it.
But the criminal prohibition on blackmail is one of the few legal rules that directly regulates a mechanism of norm enforcement.
21) Given this assumption, and if blackmail threats are deterred by criminal sanctions, we can predict what group members will typically do when they discover that another member has violated a norm: They will disclose the violation to others and, in short order, the violation will become known to the group.
Al-Shulail revealed to a local newspaper that the number of blackmail cases received by the Haia commission during the previous six months stood at 1,188 reports.
He explained that users of modern and advanced technology in all regions of the country can easily carry out blackmail right from within their own homes.
Al-Shulail confirmed that punishments and sanctions remain in the powers of these bodies, and that Haia has now established a department specializing in combating blackmail crimes.
Rather, the tendency for blackmail has always been present amongst both men and women.