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Synonyms for blackmail

Synonyms for blackmail

extortion of money by threats to divulge discrediting information

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exert pressure on someone through threats

References in classic literature ?
It is much more likely that the blackmailed person would try to kill his incubus, rather than that the blackmailer would try to kill the goose that lays his golden egg.
For the whole air was dense with the morbidity of blackmail, which is the most morbid of human things, because it is a crime concealing a crime; a black plaster on a blacker wound.
The sombre housekeeper was a mere shadow in comparison; indeed, she seemed to efface herself and wait only on the butler, and Brown heard no more of those volcanic whispers which had half told him of the younger brother who blackmailed the elder.
Another bank source, a staff member who would not want his name in the print, also confirmed the story, saying, 'after building its reputation to its present standard, Keystone Bank will not succumb to cheap blackmails or any blackmail for that matter.
A popular Nigerian business news blog has been exposed in a recent plot to blackmail one of the fastest growing banks.
The business news blog and its publisher (names withheld), according to information from the bank source, recently hatched the plot to blackmail Keystone Bank Limited and its managing director/CEO, Dr.
"The perpetrator then blackmails the victim with photos and video clips, and threatens to spread them on social media for a large sum of money," he said.
Sharjah Police have reached out to young people, especially university students, on how to avoid becoming a victim of extortion after a wave of blackmail cases were recently reported to authorities.
Yesterday Sara Clover, defending Wright, said: 'This was not, as some blackmails are, a cold-hearted attempt to secure money.
A mother-of-three who blackmailed a 65-year-old man and claimed he sexually abused her was given a nine-month suspended prison sentence yesterday.
"This is why they fall victims of blackmails. But all of us as humans in general, and females in particular, should make a good balance between emotions and reasonable thinking, between our instincts and our needs from one side, and our faith, Islamic creed and traditions from the other side."
The power of social media has allowed people to blackmail others with more ease than ever before, a trend that has now become increasingly common among female groups, rather than mostly among males.
ABHA: Many women refuse to resell their old smartphones and tabs for the fear of being blackmailed later.
Blackmail Ambiguously Affects the Expected Cost of Norm Violations
Norms Theory and Blackmail: Using Law to Create Background Conditions Favorable or Unfavorable to Norms II.