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Synonyms for blackmail

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Synonyms for blackmail

extortion of money by threats to divulge discrediting information

Related Words

exert pressure on someone through threats

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A lawyer for the royal spoke to the alleged blackmailers and agreed to watch the tape before handing over the cash.
It is believed that a demand of pounds 50,000 was suggested by the alleged blackmailers, but a police sting ensured the evidence was seized and the men arrested with no money exchanging hands.
Without hesitation Margaret sets out to chase off Beau's older lover; she also covers up a crime she believes her son committed and frantically fends off blackmailers.
Let us begin by recalling that, just as auto mechanics need car owners with dysfunctional vehicles and agricultural workers need farmers with ripening crops, so blackmailers too require a very special type of situation.
Secret MI5 files may have fallen into the hands of terrorists and blackmailers.
The Liverpool star has handed over hundreds of pounds in a desperate bid to stop the blackmailers exposing the drug problems of his sister Lisa.
Summary: The police have received a number of complaints about different types of blackmailers.
But judges including Mr Justice Hickinbottom, sitting at the Criminal Appeal Court in London, said a substantial "loss of liberty was inevitable" to send a clear message to blackmailers.
The bag was part of a police trap to catch blackmailers.
'Accordingly, when blackmailers are caught they are sent to prison in order to make it clear that behaviour of that sort will not be tolerated.'
The libertarian position on blackmail is grounded in considerations of justice: the rights of blackmailers and blackmailees.
Police have urged people not to fall prey to blackmailers and report them immediately.
BLACKMAILERS threatened to throw a man off a mountain unless he paid a so-called debt of honour, the High Court heard yesterday.
But two years later he got a call from the blackmailers saying copies had been made and threatening to sell them to the Press.
"Blackmailers target the youth, particularly males, and chat with them through PC chatting applications over social networking sites like Skype," he noted, adding the gang used nicknames for the supposed women, dubbed voices and showed videos of exposed parts of their bodies.