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Synonyms for blackmail

Synonyms for blackmail

extortion of money by threats to divulge discrediting information

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exert pressure on someone through threats

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Mark Brogan, 37, from Malpas Road, Newport, has also admitted conspiracy to blackmail.
Michael Bowes QC, prosecuting, told the jury: "All of these features, the prosecution submit, had nothing to do with the lawful expression or freedom of speech and everything to do with blackmail and unwarranted demands with menaces.
Claims that witness A was dared into performing a sex act on a male employee by a stripper from Stringfellows nightclub formed part of the blackmail attempt, the court also heard.
In the first case, the Saudi man used private pictures he had of a young Saudi woman in Canada to blackmail her into sending him money and buying him the latest technological inventions.
Fantasist Peckham was in fact a penniless dental technician who dreamed up the scheme after reading of another foiled blackmail attempt against the family earlier this year.
Malcolm, who had initially denied handling stolen goods and blackmail, claimed he only acted as a "middle man" for his boss, Lee Platt, who he worked for as a handyman at his firm, Fresh Interiors, a furniture business in Manchester.
This account, of course, would not work with cases in which Bill, on hearing that Alfred possesses (and is likely to reveal) the information, seeks him out to offer him "hush money," but perhaps the supporter of blackmail laws may not mind cutting these cases adrift from the scope of such legislation.
In full cognizance of how crucial the circumstances are … I think it the duty of parliament not to let this blackmail materialise.
Dubai: The General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector (TRA) launched its new campaign yesterday, aimed at promoting awareness on cyber blackmail in collaboration with "Al Ameen Services.
The court confronted the accused with the blackmail recordings in a hearing session, in which the recordings were presented as proof for the accusation.
Thiruvananthapuram: A case of blackmail involving the luring of unsuspecting clients into sex has rocked Kerala even as police are striving to get a grip on all accused in the case.
Necdet Euzel, claiming on Tuesday that secret recordings involving the pair existed and might be used for blackmail.
Mr Khan spoke after the gang, including his former friend Rizwan Jahangir, were jailed at Birmingham Crown Court for a total of 41 years for blackmail and firearms offences.
The highlight of the weekend will be a screening of Alfred Hitchcock's silent classic Blackmail on Saturday, March 29, accompanied by Brand's new orchestral score, performed live by a full symphony orchestra.
KATIE Price revealed that a Merseyside man was charged with blackmail following the theft of sexually explicit pictures.