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Synonyms for blackleg

someone who works (or provides workers) during a strike

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take the place of work of someone on strike


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Blackleg is sporadic but not uncommon, usually seen in animals six months to two years old turned out on lush pasture in spring.
On one hand he presents himself as Labour's friend of the unions and on the other he condones the coercion of PCSU members to blackleg in a legitimate dispute.
The full Top 10 is: 1 Water of Tyne, 2 Dance to thi Daddy/When the Boat Comes In, 3 Bonny At Morn, 4 Bobby Shaftoe, 5 Caa Hakie (Thro' the Water), 6 Blackleg Miner, 7 Ma Bonny Lad, 8 Hexhamshire Lass, 9 Fair Flower of Northumberland, 10 Colliers' Rant.
But it is claimed some children were given a similar sounding brand name, animal drug Tribovax T, a vaccine for diseases such as blackleg and tetanus.
It means more than a traitor, and effectively means a blackleg or scab.
Clostridial organisms are responsible for diseases such as blackleg, black disease and tetanus, but there may be up to 10 different pathogens that can be a threat on UK farms.
The 30 include: Along the Roman Wall, Bellingham Show, Blackleg Miner, Bonny at Morn, College Valley Hunt, Colliers Rant, Fair Flower of Northumberland, Felton Lonnen, Ha'penny Wood of Bedlington, Hawkhope Lass, Lucy Grey of Allendale, The Ballad of Chevy Chase/Battle of Otterburn, Water of Tyne, Whittingham Fair.
The inexpensive kit, a petri dish containing specific viruses which attack the bugs, was originally developed two years ago by the Scottish Crop Research Institute in Dundee to track blackleg disease in potatoes.
Vaccination is very effective and following recent experiences I would go for a broad spectrum of cover rather than just Blackleg Vaccine.
He said: "I have been called a scab, a blackleg and I didn't do any adverts.
Horizon" is a crisping variety, a Santa cross with a high resistance to powdery scab and blackleg and partial resistance to Globodera pallida (PCN).
At the Potato Council's Sutton Bridge experimental unit, storage specialist Adrian Cunnington said: "A lot of the problems appear to be secondary bacterial rots triggered by small amounts of blight, blackleg or pink rot in the tubers.
One picket has already died when he was crushed by a Ribble coach driven by a blackleg at the main depot in Blackburn.
This divides into two categories Blackleg (black quarter) and Malignant Oedema (gas gangrene).