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Synonyms for blackleg

someone who works (or provides workers) during a strike

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take the place of work of someone on strike


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'Pasteurellosis and blackleg diseases reappeared due to the villagers' failure to provide proper care for their cattle and because they let the animals roam free in the fields and forest land,' Phot said.
Although calcium has been reported to be effective in disease management in different crops [13], including blackleg and soft rot in potato [7, 8], the effect of this nutrient on disease resistance in potatoes has not been investigated in Zimbabwe.
First report of potato blackleg caused by biovar 3 Dickeya sp.
The causal agent of blackleg of potato, Erwinia carotovora subsp.
For example, beef should not be slaughtered within 21 days of a clostridia vaccination (blackleg, malignant edema, redwater, etc.
"They have articles about The Secret History of the Strike, and The Blackleg State."
There is also the option of a full stock assessment which includes hotboxing, dry matter and blackleg tests and requires 40kg of randomly sampled tubers.
Or else - very sorry and all that, but there's no other way to put this - you believe it's all right to bus in blackleg labour.
The hatred of the blackleg is something that stood out for David when they filmed strike scenes at Big Pit, a colliery turned visitor attraction in the South Wales valleys.
is probably blackleg [caused by Leptosphaeria maculans (Desmaz.)].
TUC chairman Ted Hill called on trade unionists throughout Britain to support the threatened national soccer strike by mounting pickets at any game where blackleg players turned out.
The experts say the villagers' cattle died from hemorrhagic septicemia [HS] and blackleg,' Khit said, referring to two bacterial diseases that affect cattle across the globe whose economic impact can be severe.