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of brown tinged with black

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Tumour cells showing blackish-brown pigment in the cytoplasm (Leishman stain; X400).
Thus, sensitive callus to NaCl turn to blackish-brown and become stiff and acutely-necrotic.
Frons and nape blackish-brown; cheeks and rostrum yellow; palp brown except for the yellow last segment.
Originating from the north of the Tongchuan-Ordos Basin of Shaanxi province, northeastern China, and having taken shape during the Late Middle Triassic, the Yan'an oil shale is a large inland lacustrine deposit, which has an obvious shaly structure, with a loose texture and blackish-brown color.
Occiput and postocular portions of genae, pronotum (except lower portions of lateral lobes), tegmina and all other portions of body shining blackish-brown (except whitish markings on episterna described above and last two sternites of females which are greenish); tegminal pads do not surpass the second abdominal tergite.
Pleural and ventral surfaces brownish-grey, dull, genital segments blackish-brown, shining.
Carapace covered with blackish-brown and small golden, curved hair; hair more concentrated along interstrial ridges, intermixed with few black bristles on caput.
Neoregelia concentrica with its broad pale green leaves, heavily blotched with purple and blackish-brown markings and accentuated by long black spines, grows from sea level to 800 meter altitude in rainforests and also on and near rocks in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
Last weekend my wife and I saw a pussy willow shrub with furry gray catkins just starting to slip the shiny, blackish-brown sheaths that remind me of popcorn hulls.
Greenish-gray to blackish-brown and sometimes red, it has a marbled pattern on its head, back, and sides.
Emerging anthers are orange with varying degrees of brown (blackish-brown when dry) or white.
Stipe: 2-5 cm long, 3-5 mm thick at the apex, equal to enlarging below; smokey to blackish-brown velvety pubescence over the lower 2/3-3/4 of the stipe.
Bees in the collection range in size from the petite Perdita minima, a light tan, 1/8-inch-long bee that lives in the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts, to the imposing 1.5-inch-long Xylocopa frontalis, or carpenter bee, a brown or blackish-brown insect from Central and South America.
Mounds were composed of well-consolidated blackish-brown organic soil in which the nest chambers of the colony were located.