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Synonyms for blackish

somewhat black


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of something that is somewhat black

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Thorax: Presternum whitish yellow, with 2 or 3 pairs of pale brown setulae; mesonotum entirely yellowish orange, with 1 + 4 dorsocentral setae, not arising from dark spots; proepisternum with sparse brown setulae scattered across surface; pleural part of thorax yellowish orange, with thin lateral dark brown fascia running from anterior part of postpronotum to wing base; postpronotum, notopleural area, anepisternum and meron pale orange; katepisternum with 1 strong black seta and some smaller setulae; anepisternum and anepimeron glabrous; meron bearing a few brown setulae at posterodorsal corner; scutellum and postscutellum yellowish orange; scutellum slightly elongate and pointed apically, with >20 small blackish setulae at lateral margin (Fig.
"From the air, it looks brownish with some sheen, but when you get close and put it up on the ice and in the bucket, it's kind of blackish stuff and has hairy strands on it," he said.
A barman at the local hotel described it as being blackish in colour and about 12 feet long,including a rather prominent tail.
Body brownish-yellow or pale brown, head and face yellowish, 2 blackish brown longitudinal stripes between eyes, which extend from vertex to the lower of antennal socket; 1 irregular blackish brown spot below antennal socket.
--Postocellar area black, pronotum and tegula entirely yellow, abdomen yellow, [tergum.sub.1] black with yellow posterior margin, [terga.sub.2-7] with large blackish medial spots becoming smaller posteriorly taitaensis sp.
The maleo is a chicken-sized bird with a blackish back, a pink stomach, yellow facial skin, a red-orange beak and a black helmet or "casque."
Face blackish, strongly gold pruinose except for lateral parts of epistomal margin, mystax shiny yellow occupying ventral 1/2 of face.
This bronze case will develop a blackish patina over time Image Credit: Supplied
In an issued statement on Saturday Firdous Ashiq Awan said that PML-N attack on the Supreme Court is the most disgraceful and blackish incident in the history.
A similar action was earlier taken by the Pollution Adjudication Board against Cuna Hotel at Barangay Maligaya after the hotel was found discharging 'blackish and foul-smelling' wastewater.
They are light grey in colour, finely bared blackish above and below but no heavy blotching.
With Lauren Miller Rogen, 'Swipe Out Hunger' Founder Rachel Sumekh, and 'Blackish' Producer Jonathan Groff" at...
According to nature lovers, Autumn in Northern Areas of Pakistan is something to behold as in fall, the trees including poplar, apricot, mulberry, peach, apple and plum bloom into hues of orange, rust, red and bright yellow while the background of blackish and ash grey mighty mountains makes them more alluring.