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Synonyms for blackguard

someone who is morally reprehensible

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If you can't find a pirate Halloween costume around town to save yer life, you can blame those scurvy little bilge rats and ne'er-do-well blackguards at Adams and Hillside elementary schools.
Not to mention rescuing all those damsels in distress harassed by the blackguards of the opposing armies.
Lawrie Kelsey Lively tale of 'most crooked race ever run' Gentlemen and Blackguards Gambling Mania and the Plot to Steal the Derby of 1844 Nicholas Foulkes pounds 18.
Even McCourt's mother Angela was upset by her son's recollections when he performed a play with his brother, A Couple of Blackguards, the basis for Angela's Ashes.
But all this work has helped illuminate a period that was nothing if not complex; and after tossing out the unadulterated blackguards, distinguishing relative good from relative evil on all sides remains our current historical task.
com chairman and ceo Patrick Byrne, "I am suspicious that the blackguards are just shifting unsettled trades outside of the DTCC using ex-clearing transactions.
The family silver," said Sir Alexander, "can't take any chances with these blackguards about.
They were scoundrels and blackguards and doing the best they could, just like people do now.
Some of the requests suggest the whispering of the blackguards, but I remain unconcerned about their hokum.
The boats shot out from behind the Vengeance, carrying blackguards with muskets, coshes, cutlasses and knives.
Their families were irritated by the disruption caused by strikes and riots, and by the appeasement policy of the High Commissioner who was 'inclined to talk to all these blackguards instead of shooting them
You'd almost think they were on a lazy day out, rather than lurching into an illicit den of thieves, rogues, vagabonds and blackguards, flying in the face of the law and offending every tenet of civilisation.
Their arguments that this conduct is somehow all protected by the First Amendment were roundly rejected by the Honorable Vernon Smith, whose decision these blackguards now dismiss as an 'erroneous trial-court ruling.