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Synonyms for blackguardly

lacking principles or scruples

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References in classic literature ?
For the first time since they had met Annette found herself positively liking this blackguardly floor-smiter.
This was not a little enhanced by the newspaper reports, which described Raffles as a handsome youth, and his unwilling accomplice as an older man of blackguardly appearance and low type.
As the cab drew up before the address indicated, the fog lifted a little and showed him a dingy street, a gin palace, a long French eating house, a shop for the retail of penny numbers and twopenny salads, many ragged children huddled in the doorways, and many women of many different nationalities passing out, key in hand, to have a morning glass; and the next moment the fog settled down again upon the part, as brown as umber, and cut him off from his blackguardly surroundings.
(51) What is claimed as the violation of Belgium neutrality is interpreted as a crime of the most brutal and blackguardly order'.
Standing there looking down at him (an angle that she preferred in her relations vis-a-vis all males, blackguardly or benign), she reached for the cord of a bell and yanked it.