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Synonyms for blackguardly

lacking principles or scruples

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Guppy, a little emboldened, "it is no matter arising out of Jarndyce and Jarndyce that made me so desirous to speak to your ladyship, which conduct I have no doubt did appear, and does appear, obtrusive--in fact, almost blackguardly.
This was not a little enhanced by the newspaper reports, which described Raffles as a handsome youth, and his unwilling accomplice as an older man of blackguardly appearance and low type.
What is claimed as the violation of Belgium neutrality is interpreted as a crime of the most brutal and blackguardly order'.
He said: "It looks as if four hills were laying their heads together to shut out daylight from the black, blackguardly abyss of a hole that it is, and goes straight down from the roadside as perpendicularly as it can go, to be a heathery brae.