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Synonyms for blackguard

someone who is morally reprehensible

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Mr McLoone said: "This is a day of national protest in support of the workers at Irish Ferries, but also a demonstration that wants to send a very clear message to government that we do not want a society that is founded on injustice, blackguardism, and the exploitation of workers."
He began a private campaign to save Casement, considering that the government's blackguardism had undermined the Crown's case.
Israel Zangwill praises the novella as a "subtle study of the psychology of blackguardism in diverse shades and degrees," assessing Herrick's particular "shade" as "want of backbone" (461 my emphasis).
However, Hopkins, demurring, insisted that his own villainy, his "blackguardism," far exceeded Hyde's.
Peter's Cathedral that "The blackguardism of British rule in Ireland at the present time, in spite of all the talk during the past six years about liberty and justice, is such as no degradation or brutality known of could surpass." [11] Ireland, which Fallon likened to Christ crucified, was not England's finest moment.