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Synonyms for blackguard

someone who is morally reprehensible

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There were real male and female blackguards in Uganda.
Sir Gordon was branded a blackguard accused of buying his way off the stricken ship and also of stopping his lifeboat from picking up drowning passengers.
Also appearing will be Alestorm, Blackguard and the Agonist.
Either a person is for freedom and our new country, or he is a blackguard and traitor.
It may blackguard Blair and his willing apparatchiks but it has no legal redress.
Secondly, regarding his claims of maltreatment, only a fool or a blackguard would deny that brutal torture is a routine feature of detention by regimes like Egypt's.
The author cites an editorial from the Richmond Whig on the eve of the Civil War: "To be under the dominion of a lady like Queen Victoria, distinguished by every virtue, would constitute a favorable exchange for the vulgar rule of a brutish blackguard like Lincoln.
The subject was so thoroughly blackguard, and it was giving currency to a disgraceful, demoralising species of vulgar exhibition that branded England as the bullfight does Spain with disgrace in the sight of all civilized nations--an exhibition, too, that its advocates pretend kept up the national courage, while the real motive was the gain made of it, as of all similar shows, by blacklegs and thieves.
Here is the story we have not been told, what it means to be married, indeed hopelessly in love, without irony, but with an infamous blackguard held to be the poster child of the darkest era in baseball history.
According to Chuck Blackguard, McCain's top media adviser, McCain recognises that 70 per cent of Republicans support President Bush, no matter what he does, and their votes are essential to his dream of becoming president.
He was an iron-nerved adventurer, a charming blackguard, one who was ever ready to seize the main chance, but never succeeded in doing so.
Fraser had turned 6ft 2ins and 13 stone of blackguard into a hero, who almost became a national treasure, though by Flashman's own admission the coarse streak in his family "showed through, generation after generation, like dung beneath a rosebush".
On July 7, before the verdict even came down, Di Manno dismissed Black as "an impostor and blackguard," adding that he is "merely a sleight of hand illusionist .
The principal blackguard in this saga is the dastardly Colonel John Scott, a seventeenth-century international fraudster who conned his way from continent to continent.
He went on: "It would have been easier to stomach if you had been an a**e, but sadly you are a nice guy and I had to accept that I had not lost her to a cad and blackguard.