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the makeup (usually burnt cork) used by a performer in order to imitate a Negro

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46 hoggs (25.5-32kg) Ave 181.2p/ KGTO 198p/kg Beuchan; Blackface to PS60.50 Beuchan , PS60Woodfoot.
Breeding sheep met a good inquiry selling to PS67 for Greyface ewe lambs from Allensgreen, who also sold Blackfaces at PS55 with Texels to PS65 Low Old Shield, Blackface PS53.50 Low Old Shield.
Shearlings sold to PS84 for Texels from Patties Hill; Cheviot Mule PS78 Gilston; Blackface PS70 Haithwaite; Cheviot PS65 Low Fauldside.
57 Hoggs (17-25.4) Ave 162.5p/kg to 192p/kg Little Fenwick Blackface to PS64.50 PS63.50 Inglestone PS56 Glenmanna 94 Hoggs (25.5-32kg) Ave 198.8p/kg To 212p/kg Inglestone North Country Cheviot to PS67 Raggiewhat.
Blackface to PS74 PS68 Glenmanna 226 Hoggs (39.1-45.5kg) Ave 189.4p/ kgTo 205p/kg Nether Garrel Texel to PS88 Nether Garrel PS85.50 Shangan PS84.50West Skelston PS84 Auchenfad Cheviot to PS86 Auchencrieff PS82.50 Upper Portrack Suffolk to PS84.50 PS83 Riggheads Blackface to PS79 Maryholm Cross to PS77 Lag Farm 142 Hoggs (46+kg) Ave 170.8p/kgTo 188p/kg Upper Portrack.
Lightweight hoggs to pounds 74.80 for Cheviots from Winterhope, pounds 74.20 Becks, pounds 72.80, pounds 70.20, pounds 70 Raeburnfoot; Suffolks pounds 65.50 Raby Grange, pounds 61.80 Clonrae; Texels pounds 71.80 Catslackburn, pounds 71.50 Newington, pounds 70.80 Beyond The Moss; Charollais pounds 62.50 Thackwood; Greyfaces pounds 70.80 Castle Nook, pounds 70 Butterdales; Blackface pounds 70.20 Catslackburn, pounds 68.50 Culquhasen, pounds 66.80 Barlaes; North Country Cheviot pounds 51.50 Tormore; Swaledales pounds 60.80 Castle Nook; Herdwicks pounds 53.80 Beechcroft; Beltex pounds 58.80 Slaghills; Lleyn pounds 57.50 Satchells; Beulah pounds 65.50 Catslackburn.
25.5-32kg - Cheviot 203p Castle Nook, 202p Girnwood; Texels 197p Clonrae, 195p Beechcroft, 193p Cleuchhead; Charollais 191p Beechcroft; Greyface 187p Catslackburn, 183p Clonrae, 180p Redhouse; Blackface 203p Castle Nook, 198p Catslackburn, 189p Beechcroft; North Country Cheviot 172p Tomore; Swaledale 190p Castle Nook; Herdwicks 179p Beechcroft; Beltex 190p
THE best of the region's Blackface sheep will be on show in Hexham on Wednesday evening.
The town's mart is hosting the annual Blackface Sheep Breeders Stock Judging Event at 7pm.
80 BQ Farms, Texels pounds 45 B Q Farms, pounds 44.80 Westerhall & Sewing Shields, Greyfaces pounds 44 Old Irvine, pounds 40.80 Sewing Shields, pounds 40 Macherquhat, North Country Cheviots pounds 42.20 Wylliehole, Beltex pounds 40.50 Dinwoodie Green, Charollais pounds 37.50 Greensburn, Cheviot pounds 33.80 West Ditchburn, pounds 32.80 Broomhillbank, Blackface pounds 39.80 Harsondale, pounds 39.20 Wylliehole, pounds 36.80 Henderland.
Hill ewes to pounds 27 for Blackfaces from Redesmouth.
Rams to pounds 36.50 for Blackfaces from Redesmouth.
Neil, who works on the family farm, was presented with the silverware by Allison Lonsdale of sponsors Elliott Garden Insurance after taking the honours with his Scotch Blackface ewe lamb.
There was an outstanding display of sheep at the Dewers Blackface Sheep Breeders Association Centenary show at Hexham Auction Mart on Sunday.
Ewe lambs sold to pounds 39.50 for Cheviots from Cowburn; Swaledale pounds 37 East Kielder; Texel cross pounds 37 Harsondale; North Country Cheviot pounds 33 Kilfinnan; Greyface pounds 32 Harsondale; Blackface pounds 28 Harsondale.