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the makeup (usually burnt cork) used by a performer in order to imitate a Negro

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Lane contrasts two types of live event from the era: the revamped blackface bufo theatre featuring white entertainers, and the emergent soiree evenings in black communities.
Williams's signature song "Nobody" provides the primary image of the performer throughout these chapters, as the author examines both Washington's and DuBois's endorsements of the Williams and Walker shows, with their appropriation of blackface tropes, as potentially uplifting for the emerging "New Negro race.
Given that Williams coupled conservative Washingtonian politics with blackface representations of laughably "shiftless .
Eric Lott, "Love and Theft: "Racial" Production and the Social Unconscious of Blackface," in Love and Theft: Blackface Minstrelsy and the American Working Class (1995): 38-62.
5, a British vlogger based in Taiwan, who goes by the handle Dr34mlucid, posted still images on his Facebook page of Taiwanese Youtuber Louis Li, 19, who goes by the handle (set fire) Louis, in blackface and wearing a Nazi uniform at a YouTube-sponsored event.
I hope that the people who are telling people not to enlist Blackface for events will not be doing so next year because the people are ready to see Blackface, the people are insisting they want to see Blackface Naija and 2018 is the year to come all out.
8, when a 17-year-old student posted a photo of himself on social media in blackface with a caption that read "Vote me for BLU president," referring to the schools Black Leaders Union.
The president, in an email he sent to the campus community, said he's most troubled that "a member of our law faculty in 2016 would not understand that the use of blackface is deeply offensive and an act of racism.
50 Whitlaw, Cheviot Mule PS77, PS75 Faughhill, Beltex PS77 Heiton, Halfbred PS76 Hall Tree, Blackface PS74, PS70.
Fan Alexis Sullivan wrote on social media: "Why did you think participating in blackface was acceptable, when colorism against dark skin is still an issue in Hollywood?
When NBC host Matt Lauer asked her if presenting herself as an African American was akin to wearing a "blackface", Dolezal replied: "This is not some freak-show, Birth of a Nation blackface performance.
I have sometimes wondered if I produced the only staging of A Raisin in the Sun in blackface.
11 ( ANI ): Vogua Italia seems to be in hot water after it published an editorial in its latest issue that features Dutch model Saskia de Brauw in blackface.
NEW YORK -- Is donning blackface to dress up as a favorite TV character ever OK for Halloween?
Stephanie Dunson explores how African American blackface performers challenged blackface minstrelsy's degrading stereotypes by juxtaposing their "real" image against the disparaging representations appearing on sheet music.