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the makeup (usually burnt cork) used by a performer in order to imitate a Negro

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The 'Cheap Thrills' singer responded to the claims on Tuesday, saying that it wasn't blackface, just part of her hidden identity art before she became known for covering her face with a wig.
The author analyzes Spike Lee's Bamboozled and the influences of minstrel performer Bert Williams, director Oscar Micheaux, writer Ralph Ellison, and painter Michael Ray Charles on the film, in the context of blackface in American culture.
"Blacking up" and "blackface" are terms aimed at white performers who mimic black people by using theatrical make-up.
Breeders of both the Blackface Perth-type and Lanark-type sheep have opted to boycott the show.
Hundreds of students chanting "no place for blackface" on Tuesday walked out of Homewood-Flossmoor High School.
After a Taiwanese YouTuber Louis Li posted a blackface video last year, Gabriel Carranza, an African American vlogger who goes by the handle Blaxican, created his own response video which he posted on YouTube and Facebook with both English and Chinese subtitles.
Blackface had accused 2face of stealing his intellectual property and threatened to drag him to court should he failed to acknowledge his impact in some of the songs released without his consent.
One of them, identified as Zach Highfield, told local media that the blackface was made of charcoal masks used to clean pores.
Iran's version of Santa Claus has traditionally been portrayed by young men in blackface. To a visiting American, Haji Firuz looks very much like a minstrel climbing out of a Mississippi riverboat show of the 19th Century, or Al Jolson about to perform a rendition of "Maaaammie."
Nina Yeboah was a freshman at Georgia State University in 2004 when she heard about a pair of white fraternity brothers who had shown up at a rap-themed party in blackface.
Recent revelations in Virginia involving the governor and attorney general, both of whom have admitted to using blackface in the 1980s, has brought attention to the long history of blackface minstrelsy in the U.S.
Its white governor and attorney general have both acknowledged performing in blackface costumes in the 1980s, and its black lieutenant governor has denied an allegation of sexual assault 15 years ago.
Gucci has apologised for a wool sweater after complaints that it resembled blackface make-up, and said the item had been pulled from its online and physical stores.
DUBAI: Lebanese singer Myriam Fares has come under fire on social media after a scene in her latest music video appears to show the star in blackface.