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Synonyms for blackening

changing to a darker color

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She continued: "Blackening up has connotations of Al Jolson, of red lips, of caricatures of black people."
The blackening takes place in the weeks running up to the wedding and is planned secretly by those closest to the bride and groom.
He said there was also "blackening" on Pte James's face which, "if it was from the emissions from a gunshot it would be consistent with what you would expect to see ...
It's imperative that you dredge your seafood through a puddle of melted, unsalted, butter, before you cover it with the blackening spice and put it into the almost red-hot pan.
One of the man's friends, Steven Reaper: "Blackening is when we catch the farmer that's due to get married, strip him, put a sack nappy on him, take him to the local pub, tie him up outside, feed him loads of alcohol.
We all raved about the blackening seasoning on The Sandbar's grouper sandwich--it stood out from the first bite, but didn't overpower the flavor of the fresh fish and was mild enough for kids to enjoy, too.
India, July 31 -- Birchwood Casey has offered the MICROLOK AO coating process that helps replace cold blackening on iron and steel components.
Still touring on the back of 2007's incredible career high, Grammy-nominated The Blackening, the only question facing Machine Head is what to do next.
Machine Head's The Blackening album has just been voted the album of the decade by the readers of Metal Hammer magazine and the Rob Flynn-lead fourpiece have been diligently delivering this devastating work around the globe for the past few years.
Machine Head has come a very long way in the last three years though, enjoying a significant step up in stature since releasing their sixth album, The Blackening, in 2007, regarded by many as a masterpiece of metal.
To modify Flynn's assessment of the situation a bit, things are a little different from previous Machine Head tours as the band is now packing "The Blackening," the best - and darkest - album of its career.
Simon says: "This blackening mix brings a bland bit of meat or fish to life, but when you use it with a scrummy piece of halibut like I have here well, it's awesome.
In contrast, when gifted students are grouped with non-gifted students, a sepia (blackening) effect may operate.