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Synonyms for blackening

changing to a darker color

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His cheeks were very white, and something like a scowl was blackening his heavy, insipid face.
And the other, his extinguished eyes without gleams blackening the deep shadows under the great, bony forehead, mumbled, catching the tip of his tongue between his lips at every second word as though he were chewing it angrily:
The glare of the flames had sunk into a fitful, flashing light; and the gentle stars, invisible till now, looked down upon the blackening heap.
The straggling cottages by the road- side, the dingy hue of every object visible, the murky atmosphere, the paths of cinders and brick-dust, the deep-red glow of furnace fires in the distance, the volumes of dense smoke issuing heavily forth from high toppling chimneys, blackening and obscuring everything around; the glare of distant lights, the ponderous wagons which toiled along the road, laden with clashing rods of iron, or piled with heavy goods--all betokened their rapid approach to the great working town of Birmingham.
From the top of it one has a view not only of the whole straggling, grimy town, but of the winding valley beneath, with its scattered mines and factories blackening the snow on each side of it, and of the wooded and white-capped ranges flanking it.
Prosperous men take a little vengeance now and then, as they take a diversion, when it comes easily in their way, and is no hindrance to business; and such small unimpassioned revenges have an enormous effect in life, running through all degrees of pleasant infliction, blocking the fit men out of places, and blackening characters in unpremeditated talk.
Not just grilled after being lightly dusted with some blackening spice.
We all raved about the blackening seasoning on The Sandbar's grouper sandwich--it stood out from the first bite, but didn't overpower the flavor of the fresh fish and was mild enough for kids to enjoy, too.
Still touring on the back of 2007's incredible career high, Grammy-nominated The Blackening, the only question facing Machine Head is what to do next.
Machine Head has come a very long way in the last three years though, enjoying a significant step up in stature since releasing their sixth album, The Blackening, in 2007, regarded by many as a masterpiece of metal.
To modify Flynn's assessment of the situation a bit, things are a little different from previous Machine Head tours as the band is now packing "The Blackening," the best - and darkest - album of its career.
Simon says: "This blackening mix brings a bland bit of meat or fish to life, but when you use it with a scrummy piece of halibut like I have here well, it's awesome.
Turn salmon over and rub flesh side all over with Blackening Spice.