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Synonyms for blackcap

raspberry native to eastern North America having black thimble-shaped fruit

small black-headed European gull

chickadee having a dark crown

small brownish-grey warbler with a black crown

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However, there has been increasing evidence in recent years of blackcaps choosing to winter in southern Britain rather than undertaking the hazardous autumn journey to Africa.
The survey also shows a rise in fieldfare PECKISH: Blackcap sightings.
Most small passerine migratory birds, including blackcaps, do not share a niche with humans and are most likely to be found in rural habitats (10).
We recently welcomed a blackcap to our menagerie, which includes woodpeckers and green parakeets.
1m birds from 80 different species, ranging from the common blackbird to the more unusual blackcap.
Some of these may include Coot, Moorhen, Mallard, Shoveler, Teal, Grey Heron, Little Egret, Spur-winged Lapwing, Black-winged Stilt, Francolin, Kingfisher, Goldfinch, Blackcap and Kestrel.
The most targeted bird was chaffinch followed by the blackcap, the common quail and song thrush, the report added.
Sandra, a financial customer services agent, who lives in Blackcap Close, Ayton, said: "It was lovely.
RE: HMS Blackcap, Royal Naval Air Station, Stretton, 1942-1958.
Song thrushes can now be heard at Christmas, while chiffchaff and blackcap were increasingly spending winter in Britain.
The melodic song of the Blackcap is now common in woods and parks.
James Watson, 32, and wife Jasmine, 30, were tucking in to a candlelit steak dinner at home when they found the body of a 5in blackcap warbler which had come out of a PS1.
The bare branches of trees make it easier to see what's visiting our gardens, and this month you might spot a blackcap hopping among shrubs looking for berries.
Last year more than 25,000 people in Wales took part and half a million birds from 60 species were spotted, ranging from the common blackbird to the more unusual blackcap.
Blackcap has shown the smallest increase in the North East of all the English regions.