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common Indian antelope with a dark back and spiral horns

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The blackbuck shooting case dates back to 1998 during the shooting of the film 'Hum Sth Sth Hain'.
Salman Khan faces two major charges including the the 1998 blackbuck poaching case the 2002 hit-and-run case.
Alain Smith and I had both taken Indian hog deer and blackbuck near the river, and would soon be heading north to the high country.
Axis deer are among many "exotic" species commonly hunted in Texas (a lengthy list of non native animals such as blackbuck antelope, fallow deer, red stag and aoudad), and much of that hunting occurs within the confines of a high fence.
Exotic Game- Shoot axis deer, black and brown bear, blackbuck, cougars, moose, red deer, reindeer, and many others.
Visitors may also catch sight of a baby camel, young sitatunga antelope and blackbuck deer, and baby ankole cattle.
The overall impact of these threats to wildlife of Pakistan so far is that we have already lost lions, rhinos, Asiatic cheetah, chowsingha, wild-dog, Makran black bear, blackbuck, cheer pheasant and Siberian crane while some precious wildlife like Marco Polo sheep, Suleman Markhor, Musk deer, goral and langur are on the verge of extinction.
Now it is known as the Arabian Wildlife Park, which houses more than 23 free roaming species including the threatened Arabian oryx and the Beisa oryx from East Africa, as well as other animals such as cheetah, blackbuck and spotted deer.
Then the video crew and I headed out with guide Tommy Thompson to try to find a nice blackbuck for Bob.
Some of Oudry's "sitters" are represented in proud isolation: a lordly lion, a statuesque cassowary and an elegant Indian blackbuck.
Game opportunities at Deep South Game Ranch do include the typical whitetail deer, but it's the exotic species like scimitar oryx, Texas Dall sheep, axis and fallow deer, and blackbuck antelope that set this place apart.
A variety of exotic occupants, such as axis deer, blackbuck antelope, scimitar-horned oryx, zebra and even cape buffalo, afford students a unique opportunity to observe and study exotic animals, some of which are rare or even endangered in their homelands.
The North African aoudad, blackbuck antelopes, three breeds of sheep and wild boar are available all year round.
Some of the animals Underwood plans to stock on the ranch include wild pigs, Barbary sheep native to North Africa, and Indian blackbuck antelopes.
A mid-seventeenth-century Mughal miniature of a blackbuck with long, twisted horns may refer to a particular pet--the handsome creature sports necklaces and tassels--but it is first a model of a perfect animal, as conceived by Allah, rather than an imperfect individual beast.