blackboard eraser

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an eraser that removes chalk marks from blackboard

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He said he used to be an elementary school teacher; we figured his students must have hid the blackboard eraser and made faces behind his back.
Seventy teachers were also given bags with manila paper, sponge pads, art and construction papers, sharpeners, scotch and masking tape, chalk, blackboard eraser, ball pens, marker pens, highlighters, correction fluid, crayons, glue, ruler, a pair of scissors, puncher, stapler, staple remover, folders and fasteners.
Back in Tabuco Elementary in Naga City, the young Lee would draw endlessly at his desk, sometimes creating smutty pictures for the amusement of his classmates, much to the ire of his teachers, who would throw the blackboard erasers at him.
incidentally, I remember my school days when canings, clips around the ear and having blackboard erasers thrown at you were common place, without a murmur from the education authorities.
The limited edition (101 pairs) sneakers feature a slate gray nubuck body representing a backboard, yellow stripes for chalk, and a felt tongue reminiscent of blackboard erasers.
Because his feet were already the size of blackboard erasers and he sported enough surplus hide to recover a La-Z-Boy recliner, my first appraisal was Russian wolfhound crossed with St.