blackberry bush

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bramble with sweet edible black or dark purple berries that usually do not separate from the receptacle

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SHE WAS the wrong side of 40 with blackberry bush eyebrows, a double chin and no waist.
He managed to land in a blackberry bush which cushioned his fall.
MY potatoes are coming on nicely, the beetroot is looking good and the blackberry bush has gone, well, bananas.
Naturally, in such a large undertaking the following events must be considered trifles: a thorn struck one woman's left eye, which she covered with a damp cloth; one child bawled and limped after he bumped into a log; an old man tripped over a blackberry bush, fell down and sprained his ankle; after ground onion was put on it, the man bravely endured the pain and, leaning on his cane, limped forward valiantly behind the leader.
Remember the delight in finding an unexpected blackberry bush and the sweet, fresh taste of blackberries as you popped them into your mouth.
In it, Dunn announces that she was born in inner-city Chicago and spent her formative years ``hiding under a blackberry bush.
Then a woman dressed in white pointed to a blackberry bush where I found Maisie, as my Scottish wife would say, "shaking like a leafie".