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Synonyms for blackball

Synonyms for blackball

to prevent or forbid authoritatively

to exclude from normal social or professional activities

Synonyms for blackball

the act of excluding someone by a negative vote or veto

expel from a community or group

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Ironically, his reward was to be blackballed by the Glasgow Art Club - a year after he helped design it.
Portugal's FA had been warned to sort out a dispute with minnows Gil Vicente by yesterday or face having their clubs and national side blackballed by FIFA's emergency committee.
But Gareth, 29, Nick, 21, and Peter, 19, were blackballed for ungentlemanly conduct and banished for three months.
The conservative director best known for writing the script for ``Apocalypse Now'' has long maintained that he is being blackballed by an ultra-liberal Hollywood.
They use their clout to lure new talent in and steal their ideas, with the end result being that the talent fears being blackballed by the industry if they object.
IRATE members of a snooker club which blackballed champion Matthew Stevens have threatened to walk out unless he is allowed to stay.
FORMER Plaid Cymru president Dafydd Wigley yesterday revealed his belief that he had been blackballed from two top jobs in Wales.
The point Reilly doesn't differentiate, however, is that a beat reporter can't ask Sosa that kind of question or he risks being blackballed for the rest of the season and, in effect, can't do his job.
But they insist there will be no reprise for left-winger Canavan, who was furious at being blackballed and plans to stand as an independent Socialist.
Since NHRA and IHRA control the majority of the nation's tracks, Proffitt and his fellow competitors have been blackballed from all sanctioned tracks in the United States.
But it is Vaughan's glowing endorsement of Hollioake (right), criminally blackballed by England as they lost 10 of their 16 one-day internationals in the winter, and Gough that will warm the public's hearts.
She thought I was going to get blackballed if I didn't sign.
Mr Wigley is convinced that he has been blackballed in his attempt to get two senior posts in Wales, one as the head of a quango and the other in a very senior role in the disability sector.
The irony is that by focusing on a relatively young 32-year-old who has been blackballed, not because she is too old to get hired but because she got caught fibbing to a lot of people who don't like to be embarrassed, ``60 Minutes'' was, itself, guilty of ageism.