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To be sure, Blackamoor can bring to mind society's painful and sorrowful racist practices.
Or how about a Blackamoor torchere wooden painted figure dating from 1950?
Ron Thiele, who performed the Blackamoor role, posits that the 20th-century ballet audience did not see themselves in the characters.
The Conway family crest had a Blackamoor in it, hence the busts on the gateposts.
Petrenko guided them through the intricate orchestration - the complex contrasting themes of the ballerina and Blackamoor puppets' dance the musical equivalent of patting your head and rubbing your tummy - with precision and control, while there were some thrillingly exuberant moments in the Shrove-Tide Fair movements which book-ended the piece.
The Venier suite of furniture, created over 24 years, is based on the then highly fashionable use of blackamoor figures, such as Brustolon would have known from Longhena's mausoleum of doge Giovanni Pesaro in the Frari in Venice.
Botolph (96) and in 1597 the adult baptism and conversion to Protestantism of a Mary Phyllis, the daughter of Moroccans, at that same church (91); the death in the summer of 1588 of "A man blackamoor [who] laye in the street" (96); the physician Simon Forman's diagnosis of "Polonia the blackmor maid .
These include a shadowy figure, grey-bearded, who hesitates as he undoes his sandal, a Roman who loosens his slippery toga, a mother suckling her baby, and a blackamoor who is undoing his robe.
From a Blackamoor salvaged from the Breakers in Palm Beach to a castanet dancer, a Nubian and a chartreuse seahorse ("Isn't it horrible?
The author tells us, for example, that the March of Blackamoor employs a whole-tone scale (p.
The Showman and the three puppets - Petrushka, the Ballerina and the Blackamoor - came to life in vigorous style, with elegant solos from flute and trumpet.
And in case you're wondering, the scary-looking Blackamoor figures, who watched over Dame Shirley while the 68-year-old slept on her giant animal print bed, went to a telephone bidder for pounds 2,652, making them the most expensive items sold.
They are taking them west," his father, Malcolm, replies, and, lecturing his son, he adds, "it ain't right to put chains on a man, even a blackamoor.
His mother claimed descent from folk hero Alexander Nevsky and also from a young blackamoor who had been a favourite of Peter The Great.
Although some of the misogynist lines were omitted, none of the racial references to Monostatos and his blackamoor minions was subjected to political correctness.