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Synonyms for black-market

distributed or sold illicitly

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At the conference, crimes in two last years, anti-encroachment campaign, ticket-less travelling and black-marketing issues were discussed in detail.
He assured the people that there would be no black-marketing anywhere in the country and the LPG would be available cheaper than the price announced by the OGRA.
He considered bribery, black-marketing and nepotism as evils, for they stop development of modern society.
Irfan Khokhar said that strict action would be taken against those distributors who would be found involved in black-marketing and selling the commodity in violation f the notified rates.
He said that raids in presence of people were conducted at different flours mills at Ghazir district on Jan 21 where black-marketing was caught besides registration of FIRs against owners of flour mills and dealers on the spot.