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Synonyms for black-market

distributed or sold illicitly

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Supply shortages have a natural tendency to pull prices higher, whereas an abundant supply of black-market marijuana has allowed the price for cannabis to remain exceptionally low.
BEIRUT: The Syrian government is cracking down on black-market currency exchange businesses and individuals who transfer local or foreign money out of the country in what central bank Governor Adib Mayaleh said was the latest move to stabilize the value of the plummeting pound.
The Central Bank of Egypt has reacted by banning hard-currency transactions for nonessential goods and altering schedules for currency auctions, which adds to official and black-market unpredictability.
With each collapse, there has been something akin to a "bank run" on rials --with a sharp rise in the black-market (read: free-market) IRR/USD exchange rate.
Karachi, Aug 21 ( ANI ): The reopening of two key NATO supply routes through Pakistan last month has largely benefited Pakistan's black-market businesses.
By KEITH FALKINER REVENUE officials have arranged a number of highlevel meetings with business leaders to root out the growing black-market problem.
"The total turnover of black-market entertainment is easily 50 times more," says Mohammad Atebbai, head of Iranian Independents, the country's leading indie production house.
A 2 September 2004 article in Nature says many Thai farmers are turning to ineffective black-market vaccines to avoid killing their birds.
"So if I am late, they will go with someone else"--which is to say, another legitimate distributor with better black-market connections.