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Honda Motor Company (NYSE: HMC)(TYO: 7267), a Japan-based automaker, has launched a black-grey colour interior theme on the Honda Brio and Honda Amaze in Thailand.
The bed was black-grey plastic coated ply, 1.8m wide, about 5m long.
The wood, which is through-dyed in the colour black-grey and mitre jointed, gives the tables and Volumina a strong, monolithic character.
They offered an ultra-modern black-grey bra and brief in sexy snake print material.
But Argentovivo left all the others behind in the seduction stakes, displaying silky black-grey basque and tiny string briefs and luxurious black lace which set pulses racing all over Paris.
The bases for the Spin office chair are aluminium in black-grey, satin or mirror finishes.
The Kevi 2004 has a padded seat and back with a shell made of black-grey synthetic material.