black-eyed Susan vine

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tropical African climbing plant having yellow flowers with a dark purple center

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Saving the side yard for last, Rubie begins a tour of her incredible gardens with the patio, which is more like a richly decorated room, with its scored and stained concrete "floor" and an arbor "ceiling" thickly covered in black-eyed Susan vine, climbing fern, and, remarkably, a potato vine bearing potatoes.
The two best annual vines for this task are scarlet runner bean and thunbergia, the black-eyed Susan vine. Scarlet runner has big dark green leaves and a host of orange-red flowers that will produce edible beans.
A desaturase called stearoyl delta-9, from the black-eyed Susan vine, places a double bond between the ninth and tenth carbons in a straight, 18-carbon-long fat.
Or plant such colorful, tropical-looking choices as black-eyed Susan vine (Thunbergia alata), bougainvillea, passion vine, and trumpet vine.
Chances are your nursery has a morning glory or black-eyed Susan vine already growing in a container.
Add heat-tolerant black-eyed Susan vines (Thunbergia alata) to hanging baskets, window boxes, large pots, or trellises for vibrant color through the summer.