black-eyed Susan

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Synonyms for black-eyed Susan

tropical African climbing plant having yellow flowers with a dark purple center

annual weedy herb with ephemeral yellow purple-eyed flowers

the state flower of Maryland

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Vivid imagery and a great spirit of fun set tones of intrigue and whimsy in Elizabeth Leiknes's Black-Eyed Susan.
Creepy and compelling, Black-Eyed Susans is a shadowy and crooked journey to a very dark place indeed, a twisty fairytale that deceives you just when you think you've cracked it and a thriller to make you remember why you love thrillers.
Made of 100% recycled paper with wildflower seeds embedded in it, flowering gift wrap can be planted to grow a beautiful garden of corn poppy, red coreopsis, plain coreopsis, black-eyed Susan, and baby snapdragon.
Roaming Free Black-eyed Susan makes a splash of bright yellow with summer blooming that lasts a month or more.
Black-eyed Susan, Thunbergia alata, is a popular addition to the summer garden and is particularly good for hanging baskets and small containers, where it can scramble through other plants, only really showing itself when its small five-petalled yellow flowers, with the chocolate-purple centres, pop their heads out into the summer sunshine.
Before sending Payton d'Oro out to run in the Black-Eyed Susan Stakes, trainer Larry Jones wondered if his horse had enough talent to win a Grade II race.
Another attractive, hearty perennial is the Black-Eyed Susan.
Black-eyed Susan is the state flower for which American state?
What flowering plant is known as black-eyed Susan in the USA?
Anyone who relishes September colour in their border should not be without rudbeckias, also known as black-eyed Susan, grown for their brightly coloured daisies with the big black cone in the centre in shades from burnt orange to vivid yellow.
Goodbye, Sweet William, Daisy, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Lily, Black-eyed Susan.
Black-eyed Susan is a favorite summer-blooming native wildflower that flourishes in New York State's fields and meadows.
Suitable upright plants include geraniums, begonia and petunias, while trailers to soften the sides include lobelia, campanula, scae-vola, black-eyed Susan and Heli-chrysum petiolare.
Some of the plants you see in yards here all the time are actually native plants: Rhododendron, Azalea, Black-eyed Susan, American Holly, Redbud, Flowering Dogwood, Daylilies, Irises, Oak-leaf Hydrangea, Heuchera, Strawberries, Southern Magnolia, Creeping Phlox, and Tall Summer Phlox.
Some of butterflies' favorite plants are: scabiosa, butterfly weed, milkweed, cosmos, zinnias, bee balm, coneflower, black-eyed Susan, daisies, catmint, violets, and sedum.