black-crowned night heron

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night heron of both Old and New Worlds

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Vegetative structure and nest distribution in a Black-crowned night heron heronry.
Alcatraz now hosts San Francisco Bay's only colonies of pelagic cormorants, Brandt's cormorants and pigeon guillemots, as well as the bay's largest colony of western gulls and one of its largest colonies of black-crowned night herons.
Managing for bare ground on island sites with tree structures available for nesting will likely attract Black-crowned Night Herons as well as increase their reproductive success.
Feeding behavior and diet of free-ranging black-crowned night herons on a catfish aquaculture facility in Mississippi.
During spring and summer, visitors may see double-crested cormorants and wading birds like black-crowned night herons, green herons and great blue herons.
Featuring a restored prairie and a pond with natural banks, this urban ecosystem allows visitors to walk among a diverse array of native species that includes dragonflies, black-crowned night herons, and painted turtles.
Biologists banded 23 black-crowned night herons in 1902 near Washington D.
Stroll the grounds outside, walk past the gardens to the steep cliff face, and you'll easily spot Brandt's cormorants, brown pelicans, pigeon guillemots, black oystercatchers, western gulls, and even nesting wading birds such as snowy egrets and black-crowned night herons.
Located on White Point, the museum also offers a wonderful view of the bay, where a bird-watcher might see some of the area's more than 250 species, including great blue herons, black brant, grebes, coots, pelicans, marbled godwits, greater yellowlegs, black-crowned night herons, egrets, gulls and swallows.
You will see great blue herons, great and snowy egrets, white and glossy ibis, yellow-crowned and black-crowned night herons, and in summer months, roseate spoonbills.
But white-fronted geese greeted us noisily, black-crowned night herons (which we have in Madison, too) tried unsuccessfully to hide, and even a magpie made me happy, since I hadn't seen one for years.
Note that the new trail is open only from mid-September through January, after which it's closed to permit nesting of Western gulls, cormorants, and black-crowned night herons nearby.
Last year, the birders counted some 22,000 birds, ranging from one golden eagle and one tundra swan - an unusual species for the Mojave Desert - to five black-crowned night herons, 880 common ravens, 1,562 horned larks and 3,311 northern shovelers, a type of duck.
The situation is perhaps unique in that human depredation is not a major cause: Spendelow blames a small colony of black-crowned night herons, which eat tern eggs.