black-body radiation

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the electromagnetic radiation that would be radiated from an ideal black body

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Teacher demonstration of a black-body radiation applet (e.
What does this mean about the two black-body radiation graphs?
The theoretical calculations suggest that if black-body radiation were producing the liight, it should be a billion times stronger at the vents than in the cooler water above.
Aside from black-body radiation, they listed a number of other possible sources of illumination: crystalloluminescence, produced when chemicals crystallize; sonoluminescence, powered by the sound of bubbles collapsing; triboluminescence, created when rock crystals crack; and Cerenkov radiation and scintillation, both caused by the radioactive decay of elements in the vent water.
If quantum theory were simply a mathematical device needed to make black-body radiation come out right, it wouldn't be likely to be applicable without modification to an altogether different phenomenon.
Chapters on the invention of the transistor and the discovery of black-body radiation are heavy going at first, but are ultimately exhilarating.