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having a pattern consisting of black bars

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Genetic distance matrix among Saudi native chicken breeds Breed BL-Nana BR-Ff BL-nana BR-ff BB G BL-Nana -- BR-Ff 0.157 -- BL-nana 0.107 0.122 -- BR-ff 0.176 0.139 0.149 -- BB 0.112 0.159 0.126 0.200 -- G 0.159 0.210 0.168 0.246 0.234 BL-Nana, heterozygous naked neck black breed; BR-Ff, heterozygous Frizzled brown breed; BL-nana, normally feathered black breed; BR-nana, normally feathered brown breed; BB, black-barred breed; G, gray breed.
One I missed on this particular day was of the genus Chrysiptera namely the Black-barred Demoiselle Chrysiptera annulata.