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Synonyms for black-and-white

not having or not capable of producing colors

of a situation that is sharply divided into mutually exclusive categories

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The color version emphasizes this contrast, the black-and-white picture does not.
Grainy black-and-white shooting by Alberto Bellezia and Walter Carvalho is magnificent, but-the key to why the new film trumps the aborted one is in the fluid, ever-imaginative editing by Eduardo Escorel and Livia Serpa.
This black-and-white shot defines her work very simply: alone, quiet and busy.
Shot in deliberately cruddy-looking Super-8 black-and-white, "Automatons" revels in its own lack of production values--epic battles between warring robots obviously are shot with tiny tinker-toys, and dialogue dubbing is purposefully inept.
(1.) Tracing the emergence of the "mulatto elite" from its beginnings in the seventeenth century through its gradual absorption into the Negro world following the Civil War, Williamson shows that the mixed-race Southerner was "new" not only in terms of his mixed black-and-white ancestry but also in terms of his mixed cultural heritage--and, given that he was neither a poor freedman nor a legitimate heir to the plantation class, his middle-class economic status.