black tongue

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a benign side effect of some antibiotics

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I miss the 3am phone calls asking me if I'm familiar with the hairy black tongue disease.
Although the black tongue, orange eyes and poisonous wart on the end of its nose might be enough to induce nightmares, Radio 2 listeners declared the timeless tale was the best story for children about to head to the land of nod.
The scaled creature, measuring about 3 feet long from his long black tongue to the tip of his tail, wore a leash, but hadn't quite learned to "heel.
The symptoms included high fever, severe headache, vertigo, black tongue, dark urine, dysentery, severe abdominal and thoracic pain, large nodules behind the ears that often invaded the neck and face, acute neurologic disorders, and profuse bleeding from the nose, eyes, and mouth with death frequently occurring in 3 to 4 days.
The bridge she is building reflects the strength, beauty and diversity of the black tongue in a shallow and uncertain world.
Before that, the snake did not rattle but only peered up at us while slowly flicking its long, black tongue.
that black black tongue come crawling across the grass, and she behind it with a smile.
It is believed that anyone who poisons people has a black tongue.