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semiformal evening dress for men

a black bow tie worn with a dinner jacket

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At my school, the senior prefects wore black ties to distinguish them from the rest of us mere mortals, who wore the school's blue and white diagonally striped tie with our khaki coloured uniform.
Once upon a time, a black tie meant everything and it wasn't about getting dressed for dinner
They held a black tie dinner dance, quiz night and a cricket match to raise funds for Warwickshire Air Ambulance, The ARC-Addington Fund which supports rural businesses and Kenilworth Young Farmers Club.
The bride wore a stylish cream gown while the groom looked equally classy in a cream suit and black tie.
Dressed in powder-blue pinstriped suits with white shirts and black ties, the Boogaloos bridged the gap between Campbell's and Harris's companies; Campbell inspired them, and they inspired Harris (as well as Michael Jackson, whom they taught).
The BBC has hit back at criticism of its coverage of the death of the Queen Mother dismissing as 'complete nonsense' claims that presenters had been banned from wearing black ties.
In a statement the BBC said: 'It is complete nonsense to imply that there has been a ban on presenters wearing black ties.
Charles was said to be upset that BBC newsreaders did not wear black ties.
Meanwhile the BBC said newscasters had been told to dress "sombrely" but that black ties would only be insisted on for the funeral.
The theme of this year's dinner dance is Mardi Gras and, in addition to the black ties and floor-length gowns, guests will be donning feathered masks, beads and other traditional accessories.
Emperor Akihito and senior Imperial Household Agency officials attended a swearing-in ceremony for Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori and his new cabinet Tuesday night wearing morning suits with black ties and armbands, agency officials said.
Black ties and ball gowns will be worn when Margaret and Colin Greenwood stage the event at The Civic Hall, in Stratford, on Saturday, June 28.
Four dancers wearing black raincoats and pants, white shirts, black ties, and tap shoes, shout and pound the floor, teeth bared, eyes staring.
TEENAGERS from Coventry dressed up in ball gowns and black ties to really look the part at their leavers' ball.
black tie events: The wine kept flowing throughout dinner; dessert was a white chocolate replica of the Capitol dome stuffed with dark chocolate mousse; and the event ended shortly after 10 p.m.