black stork

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Old World stork that is glossy black above and white below

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Oriental white storks black storks Ciconia nigra (Feng 2008) little egrets Egretta garzetta and great egret Casmerodius albus (Zhang et al.
There were no further reports in North Wales, though a Black Stork over the M6 in Cheshire the following morning must surely have been the same bird.
The black stork, black vulture, and endangered Spanish imperial eagle, of which only 130 pairs remain worldwide, are among the 42 species of birds that depend on the cork woodlands.
Reserves were created to save critical habitat for endangered species such as the Siberian tiger, saiga antelope, Russian desman and black stork.
Cork oak forests are home to some of Europe's most fantastic birds such as the endangered Spanish imperial eagle, the black vulture and the black stork.
Europe's other stork, the black stork, avoids human settlements, nesting in trees or on cliffs hidden deep within untouched wild landscapes.
The increased use of plastic corks is threatening several of the world's rarest birds, such as the black stork, the black vulture and the Spanish imperial eagle.
The arrival of a black stork in Scotland has kept rarity hunters happy.
The same physician, Harry Haiselden of Chicago, went on to write and star in a film, The Black Stork, which argued the eugenic desirability of withholding treatment from "defective" newborns.
The name of the film was The Black Stork, and it was shown in theaters under various titles from 1916 well into the 1940s.
These include some of the world's most endangered species, such as the Imperial Eagle, the Black Stork and Europe's last wild feline, the Iberian Lynx.
Contract award notice: investigation of the flight behavior of the black stork in the vicinity of existing wind turbine generators (wtg) imvogelschutzgebiet vogelsberg (de 5421-401) or adjoining rooms.
Other vagrant or irregular spring migrants that have recently been recorded at the Rawal Lake include greater sand plover Charadrius leschenaultii; black stork Ciconia nigra; greater painted snipe Rostratula benghalensis; Pheasant- tailed jacana Hydrophasianus chirurgus (up to 5 at a time
Rarity of the week was a Black Stork at Llanfair DC, south of Ruthin, spotted by a bus driver and seen only by him and his two passengers.
The children had a glimpse of various migratory birds like Bar-headed Geese, Northern Shoveler, Northern Pintail, Ruddy Shelduck, Red Crested Pochard, Siberian crane and the Black Stork.