black lung

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lung disease caused by inhaling coal dust

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The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) discovered a large cluster of advanced black lung disease in five Appalachian states, and unlike historical black lung cases, today's diagnoses involve younger miners with fewer years of mining experience.
Waters ( told Buzzfeed News she was obliged to breastfeed while moving the motion because, "black lung disease is back among coal miners in Queensland and Alia was hungry." Waters continued to breastfeed her daughter, standing as she moved the motion, along with a spit rag on her shoulder, while her colleagues looked on.
The members of the Fayette County Black Lung Association greet each other by name while they pour bitter black coffee into small Styrofoam cups.
Queensland (QLD) authorities confirmed on Tuesday three cases of pneumoconiosis or "black lung" had been reported by the state's coal industry this year.
A member of APHA's Occupational Health and Safety Section, Rasmussen received the Association's Presidential Citation Award for his service in the fight against black lung disease in 1969.
In an April 24 public hearing in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA, officials said black lung prevalence dipped between the 1970s and 1990s, but voiced concern about current recorded increases of other lung diseases including emphysema and progressive and massive fibrosis.
They're singing about black lung disease and the treatment of the coal miners.
"The type of conditions found by inspectors during this surprise inspection are the type that can expose miners to methane and coal dust explosions and black lung, and cannot be tolerated in the mining industry."
These include some of his own compositions: 'Coal Black Mining Blues', 'Black Lung Song', and the title track, 'Mother Jones' The last tells of a renowned union leader--'there wasn't a man any tougher than she--in the bitter industrial disputes of the 1920s.
The company expects the purchase price to be financed with a combination of cash, of about USD74m, plus the assumption of about USD118.0m in certain liabilities and post retirement medical, pension, black lung and asset retirement obligation liabilities.
The most lethal risks to underground miners are explosions arising from methane and coal dust, roof collapses and black lung, or pneumoconiosis.
The bishop also wrote that more attention must be paid to the increased incidence of black lung disease, the health of communities situated near mines and water quality around coal fields.
Workers' Compensation and Black Lung Benefits Workers' compensation and black lung benefit obligation according to Massey Energy Co.
As the demand for coal increases in the face of America's swelling energy consumption, coal miners are rapidly falling victim to black lung disease, a direct result of the toxic air they endure day in and out.
The one classroom exhibit we did have, in a Perspex-style case containing a preserving fluid, was a black lung taken from a smoker with cancer.