black henbane

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poisonous fetid Old World herb having sticky hairy leaves and yellow-brown flowers

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Leaves are a source of floral inhibitors for a number of species (cocklebur, Withrow and Withrow, 1943; black henbane, Lang and Melchers, 1943; mango, Kulkarni, 1986; pea, Muffet, 1971, Weller et al., 1997; and strawberry, Thompson and Guttridge, 1960).
Hyoscyamine and scopolamine production of black henbane (Hyoscyamus niger) infected with Pseudomonas putida and P.
Black henbane (Hyoscyamus niger) is a species in solanaceae family, which has been used as a medicinal plant for long time.
Physical and Physiological Dormancy in Black Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger L.) seeds.