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the belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world

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"We have to really think about not only Black art, but our contributions to what it is to be American," she says.
Moving away from claims of catholicity and universality, this period highlights a turn towards black nationalism expressed in the Black Power Movement and Black Arts Movement (BAM) of the 1960s.
She contends that black art produced in Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, for example, tend to offer visual signifiers related to African inspirations as "capoeira and the baianas" (43).
The concern of the Black Arts Movement, therefore, was not how to fit in to the mainstream which was, by definition, white.
Thus How to See a Work of Art protests the rigidity of historical teleologies, asking us to consider those moments in which Black artists do not make "Black art"--when they, in effect, step to the side of the historical time line.
This directly affects the way in which ethnic and artistic self-identification play a role in discourse on contemporary black art (38).
Baraka transformed from the rare black to join the Beat caravan of Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac to leader of the Black Arts Movement, an ally of the Black Power movement that rejected the liberal optimism of the early '60s and intensified a divide over how and whether the black artist should take on social issues.
Discussions included the Arts and Prison, Art Education (most of us are teachers), the History of Black Art (oral), Black women in the Arts, Developing Neighborhood Art Programs, etc.
The piece "Identity" further characterizes the extent to which dialogue and verbal performance expose, determine, and shape the aesthetic parameters of black art. Dedicated to Haki Madhubuti, who may have well influenced the characterization in this piece, the poem features two figures whose relationship is reminiscent of the student/mentor relationship that existed between Amini and Madhubuti during her early years as a developing Black Arts writer.
Henceforth, the relationship between Black Art and Black Power movements was similar to the one between the Palestinian Culture of Resistance and the armed anti-occupation struggle.
ROLLING Stones guitarist RonnieWood is to unveil his new Paint It Black art collection in Ireland next month.
Black art groups soon sprang up on campuses and in cities across the nation.
Now it can be black art; it can be yellow art; white art; anything.
The intimidating scope of rubber technology alone can make it seem more like a black art than a sharply focused discipline--a perception that has also been fed by some of the traditional secrecy maintained by compounders.
His essay is an eloquent prelude that artfully explains the scientific method as "nothing but the expression of the necessary mode of working of the human mind." It helps set the tone for the rest of the collection, though it is also an unsettling reminder that a majority of society still regards science as "some kind of modern black art."