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Synonyms for blabber

to talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially

incessant and usually inconsequential talk

Synonyms for blabber

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Though the atmosphere stays charged the entire time, Breda's vicious one-liners and Clara's gentle blabbering force us to laugh, which lets out some of the tension and enables us to keep watching.
But it went ahead with the judge blabbering irrelevantly in court about 9/11, and it ended with Moayad being sentenced to 75 years in jail and his assistant to 45.
YOU'VE probably sat next to the drunk on the bus who spends the journey blabbering on about conspiracy theories.
Hard-core track and field lovers could spend all day blabbering about wind-aided this and wind-aided that.
Playing with Tiger was Monty's worst nightmare, and his face was like thunder as time and again he was left trying to line-up a putt as hundreds walked past blabbering about a certain world No.
Recently I took stock of how much time I've spent in front of a TV watching the 24/7 news cycle on cable TV news shows -- with the talking heads blabbering at each other, spewing prepackaged talking points but not providing much in the way of information.
And when I looked hack at her, her big arms were waving all over and she'd gone into a full lunatic frenzy, blabbering and then throwing her head back and forth.
It's not something they should be blabbering about.
Ignore for a moment how maddening it is to he an intelligent traveler marooned in an aircraft for several hours with a blabbering idiot.
IT WAS almost as easy to predict the subject of the Dunchurch statue this year as it was to predict that this week's column would feature me blabbering on about Christmas.
At a time when we are blabbering that we must give the death penalty to street-corner drug dealers who handle transactions of a few hundred or even thousands of dollars, respectable U.
And for the next 15 minutes I'm a blabbering idiot trying to explain nine- in-a-row and why that doesn't make the rest of our league no better than an insect up your nose.