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Synonyms for blabber

to talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially

incessant and usually inconsequential talk

Synonyms for blabber

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8220;What sets Blabber App apart from standard voice messaging platforms is that the user can post their Blabb anywhere,” says JT VonLunen, co-founder and inventor of Blabber App.
Did you, too, find yourself thinking you'd be willing to put up with five whole minutes of blabber from McCririck, or Thommo himself, if they'd only let you watch just one more race?
Another first was a daily blabber better known as the "Island Waves," the official newsletter of PVA's 56th Annual Convention.
All this economistic blabber about externalities conveniently ignores one of the central scholarly insights about spillovers and their regulation.
What's the point of encouraging people to blabber away in a redundant tongue?
The rapper makes sure that he calls home and listen his 18-month-old baby blabber on phone at least once a day to rejuvenate himself.
So sometimes it's a release to just blabber away to each other without having to think first.
Today, especially during week-ends, children are hauled by their parents and yayas to air-conditioned malls where they waste their childhood riding plastic horses and electric cars, watching movies and videos, or, if they are in their teens, engaging in endless texting and cell phone blabber.
Accordingly, any rational consideration of the social, political and economic situation becomes the object of suspicions, and can only be erased by the adoption of the official blabber on "principles", "constants", "historical accomplishments" and the "wise command".
The MP immediately came out in defence of the murderer with the usual cock and bull stories politicians blabber.
A lot of the time, people will blabber out something.
After this week, she will avoid the wretched blabber from grown men and women like James Whittaker, Ingrid Sewage and Nicholas Witchell, paid for amateur guesswork about a couple in their early 20s splitting.