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Synonyms for blabber

to talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially

incessant and usually inconsequential talk

Synonyms for blabber

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“What sets Blabber App apart from standard voice messaging platforms is that the user can post their Blabb anywhere,” says JT VonLunen, co-founder and inventor of Blabber App.
Ekroth refers to this trend as blabber mouthing, and notes that those on the receiving end often tune out in frustration.
Did you, too, find yourself thinking you'd be willing to put up with five whole minutes of blabber from McCririck, or Thommo himself, if they'd only let you watch just one more race?
I hope people listen to your sage advice and quit the negative blabber!
Another first was a daily blabber better known as the "Island Waves," the official newsletter of PVA's 56th Annual Convention.
All this economistic blabber about externalities conveniently ignores one of the central scholarly insights about spillovers and their regulation.
What's the point of encouraging people to blabber away in a redundant tongue?
However there is one thing I am looking forward to more than most and that's not having to listen to the blabber mouthed idiot who keeps shouting "stop Brexit" from outside the Commons every time there's an interview.
'They have nothing to show for their time there except to blabber their mouth.
It's not always easy to strike up a friendly relationship in 140 characters but when it does happen, it's no longer a letter you are happy to receive but a notification on your phone - considerably fewer words but just as meaningful as five pages of teenage blabber. Social media has enabled me to come into contact with some amazing people - and the short, snappy communications make it possible.
The rapper makes sure that he calls home and listen his 18-month-old baby blabber on phone at least once a day to rejuvenate himself.
But no - we blabber and we blog, we text and we twitter as though we are sitting in a room with a couple of trusted pals having a good old gossip that will go no further.
I didn't want to tell everyone - it's not necessary to blabber it out to everyone.
"I blabber too much and I was worried I'd get in lots of trouble.