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Biventricular pacing attenuates T-wave alternans and T-wave amplitude compared to other pacing modes.
Brignole M, Gammage M, Puggioni E (2005) Comparative assessment of right, left and biventricular pacing in patients with permanent atrial fibrillation.
This study affirmed our belief that biventricular pacing was important in patients with complete heart block," says Bruce Wilkoff, MD, Director of Cardiac Pacing and Tachyarrhythmia Devices at Cleveland Clinic.
Since it was a double-blind trial, neither the heart failure patient nor the doctor knew if their device was turned on with regard to biventricular pacing.
The AdaptivCRT(TM) algorithm, which reduces a patient's odds of a 30-day heart failure readmission by 59 percent,2 and has demonstrated a 46 percent reduction in AF risk compared to echo-optimized biventricular pacing.
Heart failure patients who have cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) may see greater functional and blood flow improvements of biventricular pacing by adding a structured exercise program.
When the metaanalysis was redone after excluding the 1,520-patient Comparison of Medical Therapy, Pacing, and Defibrillation in Heart Failure (COMPANION) trial, on the grounds that it studied ICD therapy in combination with biventricular pacing, the gender disparity in all-cause mortality became even more pronounced.
The degree of improvement in ventricular size and shape with use of the CSD dwarfs that seen in earlier trials of ACE inhibitors, [beta]-blockers, and biventricular pacing, Dr.
The InSync ICD device, in fact, is a two-in-one device--a cardioverter and a biventricular pacing system.
The contract is divided into 29 packages: Package 1 - stimulators VVI resistant MR package 2 - stimulators VVIR package 3 - stimulators DDD resistant MR package 4 - stimulators DDDR resistant MR package 5 - stimulators Resynchronization DDDR-BIV, package of 6 - defibrillators ICD-VVI resistant MR package 7 - defibrillators DDD biventricular pacing, with a thickness of 40 J package 9 - defibrillators DDD, a package of 10 - defibrillators ICD DDD resistant MR package 11 - defibrillators DDD with a thickness of 40 J, a package of 13 - defibrillators DDD biventricular pacing resistant MR package 14 - defibrillators DDD biventricular pacing, with a thickness of
According to ESC 2007 Guidelines for Cardiac Pacing (4), there is neither a clear consensus about biventricular pacing nor the usage of implantable cardiac defibrillator for patients with overt myotonic heart disease.
Assuming the study results are durable, and with additional follow-up, passive ventricular restraint would appear to have a useful role in patients with worsening heart failure despite maximal medical therapy and biventricular pacing," Dr.
Node ablation, then biventricular pacing means better function in patients treated for chronic atrial fib (p.
It is a cardioverting device and a biventricular pacing system.