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Similar to Osberg and colleagues (2010), higher scores on the CLASS were bivariately related to alcohol consumption.
Bivariately, there was an association between gender and GOSE, with men having a slightly higher (better) score than women.
The following bivariately correlated variables were included in the standard model for the regression analysis in patients with HE age, fasting blood glucose, creatine kinase, C-reactive protein, glycohemoglobin, weight, and dyspnea.
In multivariate models (see Table 3), all of the bivariately significant family-level factors remained significantly associated with the purchase of nongroup insurance except the indicator of having eligible adults, children, or both in the household.
Bivariately, income was significant; however, in the presence of the other variables, it no longer was.
15) with at least one endocrine level in unadjusted analysis bivariately as potential confounders with fuel and BTEX exposure variables.
Job satisfaction prior to retirement was bivariately related to depression, psychological well-being and hopelessness and these relationships were reflected in multivariate analyses.
In contrast to speculations however, socioeconomic status, as indicated by educational attainment, was not related to headship, either bivariately or once life-course factors were controlled.
The associations between availability of liquor and use of illegal spirits were assessed bivariately by contingency tables and comparisons of means, and multivariately in logistic regression analyses.
All variables bivariately significant at the P [is less than] .
While this variable also did not contribute significantly to the multivariate model, it was significantly correlated bivariately with the dependent variable.
Factors bivariately associated with EVGH were analyzed by sex-specific logistic regression models.
One variable, however, is bivariately related (without controls) to reports of a chilly climate.