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Common annual weeds in our gardens include chickweed, nettles, hairy bittercress, groundsel and annual meadowgrass.
Cardamine douglassii Britton; Purple spring cress, limestone bittercress; Edge of western old-field, woodlands; Common and widespread; C = 5; BSUH 17845.
This is also the time a similar-looking weed, the hairy bittercress, is about to explode into flower, so it takes a little skill to know what to pull.
Chervil, purslane, morels, bittercress, rosehips, dandelion.
ANNUAL PERENNIAL GRASSES GRASSES Annual bluegrass Bentgrass Barnyardgrass Bermudagrass Hairy crabgrass Dallisgrass Smooth crabgrass Tall fescue Green foxtail Johnsongrass Yellow foxtail Kikuyugrass Goosegrass Knotgrass Fall panicum Nimblewill Rescuegrass Purple nutsedge * Sandbur Yellow nutsedge * Six-weeks fescue Quackgrass Smutgrass Torpedograss Velvetgrass BROADLEAF WEEDS Creeping beggarweed Wild garlic Pigweed Field bindweed Hawkweed Pineappleweed Bittercress Healall Broadleaf plantain Burdock Henbit Buckhorn plantain Creeping buttercup Ground ivy Common purslane Carpetweed Knapweed Shepherdspurse Wild carrot Knotweed Red sorrel Common chickweed Lambsquarters Speedwells (spp.
EARLY spring wanderings in Formby brought Gary McLardy blooming red dead-nettles, chickweed and wavy bittercress with closed blooms and the semi-closed flowers of ivy-leaf speedwell.
Among broadleaf annuals, hairy bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta L.) was found at all N levels at similar levels of 1.4 plants [m.sup.-2].
If the gene for resistance had mutated into the weed hairy bittercress it could also spread into all our cabbages, cauliflowers and brussels.
After five winters and Aprils In the unaccustomed light The groundlings have turned pale, Wondering what and where They are, having outlasted One more dazzling summer: Clubmoss and vine maple, Bittercress, maidenhair, Rush, sweet-after-death.
ex Muhl.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb.; SYN: Cardamine rhomboidea (Pers.) DC.; Bulbous Bittercress, White Spring Cress; Floodplain woods; Common and locally abundant; C = 4; BSUH 17718.
Bunch of hairy bittercress (use cress or watercress if you can't find any).
This is the time during which wildflower season begins with early violet cress, twinleaf, periwinkle, spring beauty, hepatica and small-flowered bittercress. Toad trillium and early meadow rue are pushing up out of the ground.
Fast developers like the hairy bittercress are even starting to set seed!