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It was, and this was hard to admit, simply that her mother had been growing some bitter root inside her soul for as long as her daughter could tell.
Daphne also finds refuge in her girlfriend, who's a singer, and she cherishes Saturday mornings, when she has breakfast with her friends at the Bitter Root in San Francisco.
So the hunter took the roots back to Meriwether Lewis, who tasted them and pronounced them "bitter and naucious to the pallatte." (French trappers had named them well: racine amere, or bitter root).
Strongest of all is a son's growing understanding, as he evolves, of his father's bitter roots and their threat to his life.
Emma will talk diners through the aperitif's history, ingredients, methods and techniques before letting them loose with flowers, herbs, barks, spices, fruits and bitter roots to make their own.
Once was enough to cure her, but she forever associated muddy earth with the taste of wilted greens and bitter roots."