bitter principle

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any one of several hundred compounds having a bitter taste

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Their volatile oil produces sedative and soporific effects and the Lupamaric acid or bitter principle is stomachic and tonic.
It's the hops that do it; they have in them an aromatic essence, a bitter principle, that not only encourages your appetite but also helps your digestion.
For example, to prevent migraines we are told to eat foods containing vitamin B3, bitter principles and quercetin such as Brazil nuts, garlic, muesli, mushrooms, oats, onion, rice and sweetcorn.
Summer-harvested roots (June--August) produce a less uniform product with lower content of biologically active bitter principles. Late September--October harvest is preferred.
Specific active phytochemical constituents (Flavone glycosides Megastigmane glycosides bitter principles saponine Caratuberside (A and B) Boucerosides (I to X) Tomentogenin Sitosterols Luteolin-4-neohesperidoside and Kaempferol-7-0-neohesperidosid) can be enhanced by breeding procedures.
Taraxacum species are rich in bitter principles due to the sesquiterpenes.