bitter cress

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Some weeds, such as bitter cress, produce several generations of seed.
So not only is every crack and crevice full of bitter cress and assorted annual weeds with an occasional dandelion or dock, but the bricks' surfaces look more green than warm terracotta.
Cardamine hirsuta, the hairy bitter cress, has become one of the worst examples of the Cruciferae family to invade our gardens in recent years and needs constant vigilance to manage it's invasive and devious nature - remember that this ephemeral weed can germinate, grow, flower and set seed 12 months of the year - even when you are indoors by the fireside.
The cattle are being used to graze areas where there are rare plants such as rock rose, fragrant orchid, bird's-eye primrose, butterwort, blue moor grass, ladies mantle, bitter cress and marsh marigold.
The foliage is fine and heavily dissected, and you could be forgiven for mistaking it for the troublesome weed - hairy bitter cress. Polemonium lambrook mauve is the real showstopper.
The annual types, such as hairy bitter cress and chickweed, germinate in the spring and grow so rapidly that they can produce several generations in one season.