bitter chocolate

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pure unsweetened chocolate used in baking and icings and sauces and candy

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Almond affogato, served with bitter chocolate and camomile shortbread
Dessert: Bitter chocolate, ale ice-cream, malt tuile and smoked caramel.
If bitter chocolate's going to be a bit much for the kids, swap it for milk chocolate and use a little of the dark as your piping contrast.
The unique Kapeng Labuyo is a quaint mix of spicy zing and the bitter chocolate flavor of Pinoy kape.
| Picco Attila 2014, Venezie IGP, Italy (PS8.99, EXCEPTIONALLY smooth and fruit forward, this unusual blend of merlot and refosco, a local variety from north-east Italy, enriches the wine with flavours of plums, bitter chocolate and dark berry fruits.
Two dessert courses of buffalo ricotta cheesecake with calamansi, passion fruit curd and pistachio, followed by bitter chocolate namelaka, spiced espresso cake and milk sorbet, completed the menu.
The smoky nose includes seaside minerals and a hint of ash and bitter chocolate drops, the company says.
And Barrel 87 ages for five years; it boasts sweet flavors of prunes, pecans, or peppers, with hints of creme brulee, chamomile and bitter chocolate. The suggested retail pricing (SRP) is $49.99, $69.99, $69.99, $99.99, respectively, per 750-ml.
They fermented, roasted, and ground the whole beans into cocoa powder, which they then mixed with water, chili peppers, and other ingredients to make it into a foamy, spicy and very bitter chocolate drink.
The milk chocolate praline is a winner with its rich texture and bitter chocolate sauce as is the raspberry dessert which looks gorgeous and tastes fabulous.
Smouldering shades of slate, bronze and bitter chocolate shimmers create a sultry smoky–eyed look while pearls and champagne golds give a luxurious lustre to lids and brows.
Smells like bitter chocolate, or even black coffee.
Also known as bitter chocolate, it doesn't have sugar, flavorings or added fat.
Desserts, such as Christmas pudding, Baileys creme brulee and bitter chocolate tart, will be followed with coffee and mince pies.
*Turning point double IPA: bitter chocolate, stone fruit, ripe apricots, and the nectarines long floral finish with bitter edge.